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 Chief Okemos 
 Lansing, Mich. 
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The Delta- Waverly Scout Pack 386 meets   at Elmwood School. We will be actively be recruiting new K scouts thru Dec.   see calendar at right    Adults who sign up must start taking youth protection class. THIS IS ON LINE AT MY.SCOUTING.COM
New boys and girls are ready
for den meetings.
All six dens will have their own scout leader and meet at the same time , same place. The Elmwood School Gym will be our meeting place  this school year.
We are recruiting Lions "Grade K"      And,  we are always accepting registrations.   Grades   K thru 5.   We will see you at Elmwood School. Thursdays 6:30 pm   . We will start signing the September kindergartners  now. Please call us for more information. K's will meet in the Elmwood School Library with their parents.
        ( see contact us  at upper left of this page )  

    Fees and costs explained, article links at upper left of this page. 

Parent leaders are in place to lead the THURSDAY meetings and many more parents are at the meetings to carry on
 in case of  an  absence! Please come!
NOTE: K and 1st Graders must have a parent
present at all  scouting functions. BSA Rule
"K"s and their parents will meet in    the library of Elmwood  school. due to loudness in the gym"
ALSO: "K"s and their parents will usually meet twice a month 1st and 3rd Thursdays.
But, they are most welcome to do and join in
on any specials that are going on in any week.
See the calendar ( Upper right of this page ).
     Cash and Karma were great.
Many thanks to Deputies Campbell, Whipp and Turner. the presentation
about their canine partners was super. 
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Many families are adding pictures and comments.
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 Lions and Tigers must have their own adult with them for the entire hour. - BSA Rules -
 but... we would like all parents to stay. 
At the end of each scout meeting, we have         parent and scout - Circle Up-   for  announcements and information sharing.    
Last year  99%  of  the den  meetings were held at  Elmwood  School.  Den outings for special trips were the exception. Den leaders and parents make that call.

The Elmwood School Gym is a large facility and can easily handle all our scouts. ( It is much larger than someone's family room or church basement ).

Scouts like to eat but they also like to cook..

We have found out that most scouts really like two or three  ingredient recipes and like to make them.  Here is a recipe that  your  cub  scout  can  help  with:
Walking Tacos...... takes some prep. time
Brown ground beef -
Have individual sized bags of Doritos, Tostitos or other chips of your choice:  one for everyone.
Just before eating
crunch chips , add meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa,
and your other favorites.   eat with a spoon
fresh, handy and portable 
bag everything separately when going on a hike..
no dishes... no clean up
   The Scout Shop is now on Marketplace Road.
      1 block south of Lowe's. ( off west Saginaw )

Thursday Meeting content
Our den leaders continue to say they need two meetings each month to work on scout book requirements.
But, for the other weeks, the parent meeting tries to come up with, educational- fun - things for their kids.

We have a general outline of things past. This helps us create things future.
Parents plan so scouts and their siblings can enjoy.

Reviews of scout treasury monies, membership, equipment status, special events, fundraising, insure checks and balances and insures our direction is attainable and on track.

With our recent recruits  we have 33 cubs.  We have room for many new scouts.  Come and try us out.
     Please join Pack 386.
   We meet 3 blocks north of the Lansing Mall.
Leaders are in place to work with your son.
All dens ( grades 1 - 5 ) meet in the Elmwood  School gym,.Each meet in a different corner, with their own leader. A family table is set up for moms and siblings who are not working with the scouts that night. Parents can watch all their kids at once and no one needs to be left at home.
This is better than meeting in your              basement!
     Pack 386 is a family Pack
       The whole family is welcome - all the time.
               Laugh Pack
-Take my advice...I'm not using it
-A computer once beat me at chess... but it was no match for
  me at kickboxing
-Television may insult your intelligence...but nothing rubs it
   in like a computer.
-Ever stop to think...and forget to start again.
-Today a man knocked on the door and wanted a small donation  towards the community pool... so I gave him a glass of water.
-He who laughs last.. thinks slowest.
-The grass may be greener on the other side...but at least you  do not have to mow it. 
-No matter how much you push an envelope... it will still be  stationery.
-I find it ironic that red, white and blue stand for freedom...unless
 they're flashing on the car behind you.
-Why did the school kids eat their homework?
 The teacher said it was a piece of cake.
-What is the temperature of a Taun-Taun?
  Luke warm.
-There was the scout who sent ten different puns to
  his friends, with the hope at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did. 
                 Did you know.......

Listening to music actually changes your perception of time - makes waiting seem

If you cannot read cursive, you cannot read our country's historical documents.

Before we can register for 2020, all     registered adults must complete Youth Protection Training. (This is a       45 minute on-line course ).

Upcoming Events


Fun at Every Turn
Cub Scouting is bigger than a      school district.  Scouting's  Chief Okemos District consists of the  tri-county area, (Shiawasee-Eaton-and Ingham counties) . Pack 386 services the major part of Delta Township. ( I-96 west ) We are one of the closest packs to  your home. Close and convenient matters.  All  sub- divisions east of   I-96 are close to us. ( three blocks north of the Lansing Mall). Drop in & see us.

Our Scout Leaders /registered adults are moms and dads who have submitted to an F B I check to insure they can be interfacing with the scouts.            

We would like for every parent to be a  scout leader. Your schedule allowing?
There is great satisfaction  working with your son's friends and their parents.
                   Parent Meetings   
The next parent meeting isOct 2, 2019  at   6:30 at the Lansing Mall Food Court.
A parent meeting is a "committee" of "parents" who  meet early in each month and decide what we are to provide for the next four weeks. . AT THIS TIME..........The first Wednesday of the month was chosen  as the best time for most of us.  This timing is as dynamic as the attendee's schedule! WE can change the day to the day which agrees with the most families' schedules.

Each family is needed at these meetings.  It is important your son or daughter's voice is heard.          
Only those affiliated with our pack are invited. This means parents, guardians, grandparents, leaders; all those who come to our weekly meetings.

We meet in the Food Court of the Lansing Mall.
Day and time to be determined by the parents. Usually starting at 6;30 to allow most parents to get home from work. Just like the scouts' meetings.

Before the meeting we can get a soda or a meal .
         Whatever your schedule will allow!

Several grandparents are active.and help provide direction.

The leaders can also carry their den's wants and needs to this meeting. But parents help make for better discussion, and enable us to finish in one hour. The meeting has been  from 6:30 to 7:30.  We usually finish on time.

Scout office provides some general guidelines, but it is the parents who make this a  strong program.  Usually only 6 or 7 parents show up. Yet this is the life blood of 
our program. At the mall, we are away from others.
 - The mall directors will turn down the music if we say it is too loud.

Some must  bring their children.  Those kids sit near us at separate tables.playing/doing school work! 

Most of our meetings are on school nights!
It is imperative that meetings start on time and finish on time. 6:30 generally means 6:25 rather than 6:35
             All our scouts meet
            only one night a week 

            Thursday nights- 6:30 - 7:30
      is scout night for the Delta Township

      Same night   
                    Same time 
                               Same location for all.

Several new scouts and parents are  signing up this week.     Welcome aboard.
 In the fall we will sell popcorn. The reason we sell popcorn:
We want to price families into scouting. All of our profit is used on our scouts, their siblings, their family.
Leaders do not take pay for directing this parent-led pack.
Popcorn enables families to pay for scout registrations.
 At this time we are about 33 families strong!

What can only be used after it is broken ?         an egg

-Change is inevitable except from a vending machine.
-I bought a vacuum cleaner six months ago and so far
   all it's been doing is gathering dust.
- I like long walks especially when they're taken by
   people who annoy me. 


In case of a blackout... A crayon will burn same as 
a candle for 30 minutes

Your community is many networks
of people striving to make their future
and the future of those around them,
the best it can be. Involvement in Girl
Scouts, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers &
Sisters are part of the good foundation 
in which we all want to live.
Cub Scouts is a naturally wholesome
life style which pays back to all of us.
The family that grows together is 
a great force. Parents who take a role 
our community can expect their children
will do the same.   Be all you can be!
Delta Rocks.... because of you and all
you do.        Join...Get Involved...
There are no experts...just people who