Moravian College

The College currently offers two degrees for music majors: the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Music.
The Bachelor of Arts allows more general studies than the Bachelor of Music. The Bachelor of Arts is the preferred degree for students wishing to double major.
The Bachelor of Music degree is for students who wish comprehensive musical studies. This is the required degree for students wishing Pennsylvania Department of Education teaching certification.
The Music Department offers the following programs within the Bachelor of Music degree: music education, performance (instrumental, vocal, jazz), and composition.

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For more information about the Moravian College Music Department, please visit the official Moravian College Music Department website, or contact us at:
Moravian College Music Department
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PHONE:  (610) 861-1650
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Moravian College is a liberal arts college located in the historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Our small student body of approximately 1,600 students gives our school not only the atmosphere of a small, tight-knit community, but also the personalized attention of professors with most classes being under 30 students.  By being located in the downtown historic district of Bethlehem, students are able to experience the hustle and bustle of the shops on Main Street and the nearby festivities of seasonal events like Musikfest, Celtic Fest, and Christkindlmarkt.

Built in 1742, Moravian College was founded by followers of John Amos Comenius, the 17th Century Moravian Bishop who is often called "the father of modern education."  The school was originally a women's-only college founded by Countess Benigna von Zinzendorf, daughter of Bethlehem's founder Count Nicholas von Zinzendorf.  The college, known then as the Bethlehem Female Seminary, was the first girls' boarding school in America.

A separate men's college was established in Bethlehem two months after the women's Seminary, as well as in the nearby town of Nazareth in 1743. In 1954, the two schools combined to form one, coeducation institution called Moravian College and Theological Seminary.

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