History and Memorials

Let's make history together !  

·         The Founding of Eta State was on October 27, 1934 by twelve recognized women leaders in education in North Carolina.

·         Alpha Chapter in Greensboro and Beta Chapter in Raleigh were chartered April 17, 1936.

·         Gamma Chapter in Asheville followed closely on April 25, 1936.

·         Delta Chapter was chartered in Greenville in November, 1937.

·         The first issue of the state Bulletin, 1941 reported eleven existing chapters.

·         By 1951 there were twenty-four chapters with a membership slightly over one thousand.

·         In 1961 there were 43 chapters.

·         Originally the election of state officers took place in even-numbered years but in 1950 this was changed so that national and state officers would be elected in alternate years.

·         In 1944 the position of executive secretary was created as a volunteer position.  It was held by Edith Gilbert until 1968.

·         By 1955 Eta State was able to establish a regular scholarship program.

·         The first convention was held May 4, 1937 in Greensboro, NC.

·         Eta State News was initiated in 1955.

·        Gamma Zeta was formed on May 15, 1976, by Janice Fulcher, Annie Salter, Rebecca Whitaker, Jackie Davis, Ann Harvell, Betty Mizelle, Erma Quinn, Edith Nachman, Virginia Knowles, Dorothy Heath, Mildred Lawrence, Jane Nelson, Dorothy Piner, Rachel Becton, Nina Garnder, Betty Tillery, Beth Taylor, Lucy Dunn, Helen Bailey, Lena Duncan, Barbara Yeomans, Barbara Willis

                                               In Memory of Pat Ingram Fish:

2016 Visit with State President. Attorney Jane Gordon speaker on domestic law.

Standing from left to right: Dora Edwards, Julia Thorn, Bonnie Ferneau, Alice Copes, Gail  Barnes Wilson (Ginny Temple not in photo)