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Pressure Below a Fluid Lab

Pressure Below a Fluid Lab


In this activity you will be investigating the relationship between the pressure below a fluid and the depth you are below the surface.


Make a sketch of the area you will be exploring in your lab book.


  1. Open up the program found here in a new tab or window.

  2. The pressure sensor on your sub is found at the nose of the sub.  When measuring depth of the sub, measure the depth of the pressure sensor.

  3. Use the arrows in the bottom left corner to navigate the sub around the screen making sure you do not run into any obstacles.

  4. When your sub is at rest, you can hit the data button to get a view from inside the sub at the instrument panels.  This is where you will find your pressure reading.

  5. Create a data table that holds depth and pressure.  Take at 10 different readings at 10 very different depths.

  6. Create a graph showing pressure (in Pa) vs. depth (m).  Make sure you transfer your graph and equation into your lab book with all the things you should have with a good graph.  If you are not on a computer with Logger Pro, you can use the graphing program found here.

Things to have in your lab book:

  • Purpose

  • A picture of the lab set up. 

  • A data table 

  • A graph of pressure vs. depth with all the things a good graph should contain.

  • The equation that relates pressure to depth.