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Tillering Videos & Ash Neolithic Bow

Here are some pics of the end result, the de-crowned back is clearly shown in the second pic.
The full draw shot give a good view of the tiller. The build of the bow from a split log to finished bow is in my Bowyers Blog (first entry 29th July 2010)

At last I've worked out how to post the videos without them being compressed horizontally. It's a lot of work so I probably won't re-do parts 1-4, and I think they are still ok to show what the process is. Part 5 shows the bow as it really looks.

The videos are on my Photobucket account.


They used to play on here but changes to the Google sites system, seems to have stopped them.
I actually talk some nonsense on one next video, but then I was thinking on the fly, the bow seems to draw back less than it did the previous time. The reason I give in the video makes no sense as it would have the opposite effect! The reason is probably the slightly shortened string and maybe the bow has rested for a couple of days, it doesn't really matter, it just shows the vaguaries of this sort of thing when there are so many variables.