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Other stuff

This page is miscellaneous stuff:-                      
Below, roughing out an Ash stave with an Axe.
 Steaming and bending recurve into a bow limb.
I've been cutting a couple of Yew logs into staves and sorting out the various timber/staves I've collected over the last year or so. Some timber isn't going to be suitable for bows, but it's better to pick it up if you get the chance, it can be recycled as firewood or a habitat pile if it's not suitable, but if I see some fallen or cut timber and leave it I know I'll regret not gathering it later.

It's over the winter months that councils/golf clubs and joe public will be trimming their trees so I keep my eyes open!
The bow on the left is made with an Ash back (furthest from the archer) and a Cherry belly.
However, it's not the experimental bow which I built (and smashed!) there is a little secret to it, and I posted this and other detail pictures on 'Primitive Archer', it fooled them all...
I let them off the hook a few days later.
Oh yes, the secret was it's just 18" long!
That's one of those small cans of tonic water it managed to shoot an arrow through! The arrow has since been fletched with pigeon feather and shown in an art exhibition! 
Left is another miniature, a longbow I made as a gift for a guy in the US who sent me some Oregon Yew billets, it was made exactly as I'd make a full sized one and it shoots that tiny arrow at over 80mph! 
Below is some non archery related stuff.
The little deer sculpture on the right of the pair was made from old weathered oak fencing as a present for my wife's birthday, it was exhibited at an exhibition and the trustees of the  Gibberd Garden wanted to aquire it.
I offered to make a companion piece, the stag on the left, 'Mr Deer' is now installed in the Gibberd Garden and is a favourite with the children who
visit. His antlers are Yew.
Continuing the miniature theme, here's another miniature I made many years ago.
A medieval seige engine, here is a sequence of freeze frame shots showing it in action.
It was made with an old SLR camera by working in a darkened room with the shutter opened, the flash was operated by contacts attached to the arm of the machine.
A blanket was hung up to catch the marble.
At the foot of the page is a primitive crossbow, made with no metal parts. The prod is laburnum wood covered in rawhide and the whole build-along is in my Bowyers Diary starting at this entry.