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CNRS Researcher (CR1), HdR

Cognitive and Affective  Sciences Laboratory (SCALab - UMR 9193)

Lille University

Faculté de Médecine
Pôle Recherche - 5ème étage
1 Place de Verdun
59045 Lille, France

Research interests

I am particularly interested in the exploration of the neural mechanisms involved from visual sensation to visual consciousness. My research focuses on normal and impair access to consciousness of visual information, using behavioural and functional brain imaging approaches. I am particularly interested in hallucinations and familiarity disorders in schizophrenia.


-    Psychophysics, Master I Biology & Health, Lille University.

   Methodology in Cognitive Neuroscience, Master I Biology & Health, Lille University.

-    Consciousness and Illusions, Master I Biology & Health, Lille University.

-    fMRI, Master I , Biology & Health, Lille University.

-    Neural Correlates of Consciousness, Master II Biology & Health, Lille University.


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PHRC national (2011-2016). PI : Dr Renaud Jardri. « MULTIMODHAL : Etude de validation de l’utilisation de la stimulation magnétique transcrânienne répétée guidée par IRM multimodale dans le traitement des hallucinations complexes pharmaco-résistantes chez l’adolescent et l’adulte. »