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Bay Area Regional Project on Stigma and Discrimination

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Second Draft Findings and Recommendations

The second draft Findings and Recommendations section, to be edited, formatted and added to the report "Normal People Don’t Want to Know Us", can now be downloaded in PDF format.  

This section of the report will  include observations and recommended strategies from the 26-member CNMHC Prevention and Early Intervention Work Group, participants at workshops, trainings and presentations on this self-help project, CNMHC members, client/survivor advocates and allies, and will cite other existing research that further substantiate our findings.  Your input and feedback are welcome and encouraged.  Contact us 


Second Draft CNMHC Position Paper on MHSA Prevention and Early Intervention/Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination

Last year, as the Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (OAC) and the Calif. Dept. of Mental Health (DMH) began preparing to roll out the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Prevention and Early Intervention Component, CNMHC Bay Area Regional Coordinator Delphine Brody, Alameda County Consumer Relations Manager (then Contra Costa County Consumer Empowerment Coordinator) Jay Mahler and a dedicated work group of 25 clients from around California with expertise in the areas of prevention, intervention, and reduction of discrimination and stigma worked together on these Draft  Principles and Recommendations for Prevention and Early Intervention.  

Your comments are welcome and encouraged.  Contact us


Report on Stigma and Discrimination

The documents on this page are works in progress.   Please contact Bay Area Regional Coordinator Delphine Brody if you have ideas, questions or feedback.

Windows and Mac OS 9 users, please note:  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the Portable Document Format (PDF) files on this page.  Adobe Reader software is available as a free download here.

Normal People Don’t Want to Know Us

The CNMHC report-in-progress “Normal People Don’t Want to Know Us: First-Hand Experiences and Perspectives on Stigma and Discrimination” is still in pieces, but these can be downloaded in a series of PDF documents.

I. Cover, Dedication and Acknowledgments

II. Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Analysis of Focus Group Responses (main text of report)

III. Appendix Header

IV. Charts 

Note: There are 26 separate chart files in the report.  For the sake of simplicity, I am including what I consider the 16 most important charts on this page, in greyscale for more affordable photocopying.  If you would like to see all 26, please contact me, Delphine Brody,  and I will email them to you as attachments.

Chart 1: 1Q1aTotalsbyCategoryBW.pdf  

Chart 2: Q1a Mental Health System Breakdown

Chart 3: Q1a Community/Society Breakdown

Chart 4: Q1a Family Breakdown 

Chart 5: Q1a Criminal Justice System Breakdown

Chart 7:  Q1b MH System Attitudes and Actions

Chart 8: Q1b Community Attitudes and Actions

Chart 9: Q1b Family Attitudes and Actions

Chart 10: Q1b CJ System Attitudes and Actions

Chart 15: Q2 Treatment Barrier Pro and Con

Chart 16: Q2 No-Fault Broken Brain Pro and Con

Chart 17: Q2 Like Cancer Pro and Con

Chart 18: Q2 Lifelong/Early Pro and Con

Chart 19: Q3 Stigma Definitions 

Chart 20: Q3 Discrimination Definitions

Chart 21: Focus Group Settings and Counties

 V. Contact Information  [Top

(Note: In addition to the Findings and Recommendations, Bibliography and Index sections, which are still in progress, the Focus Group Notes, while complete, are still in 12 separate Word files.  If you would like to see the notes from a specific focus group or all 12, please contact me and I will send you the notes you request as email attachments.

The Executive Summary can also be found here on this site.  [Top

Presentation Summaries




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