Battlefield 2 Demo Lith Hack 1.4 & 1.0

posted 14 Sep 2010, 18:30 by Danny Rancher
BF2 Demo Lith 1.4:

BF2 Demo Lith 1.0:

-Display Enemy Name Tags
-Display Enemy Location on Mini Map
-Crosshair Accuracy
-Unlock Renderer Console Commands

Some Useful Console Commands When Unlocked are:
-renderer.drawfogcolor 0/0/0 - Removes the fog
-renderer.drawskydome 0 or 1 - Removes or Adds the sky
-renderer.drawundergrowth 0 or 1 - Removes or adds the grass
-renderer.drawovergrowth 0 or 1 - Removes or adds the trees
-renderer.drawterrain 0 or 1 - Removes or adds the ground

-Shift + Divide = Activate All Hacks
-Shift + Multiply = Deactivate All Hacks
-Shift + Minus = Only Nametags (not detected by punkbuster as of release)
-Shift + Plus = Deactivate Name Tag Hack

-Name Tags stay above enemy several seconds after death
-Name Tags sometimes falsely appear at the same south western part of map

Created by ``~ÐÜßßL§~``

  1. Start the Hack
  2. Start the Game
  3. Join a Server
  4. Activate Hack (in game shortcuts or Alt+Tab to it, either way works)

Hot Keys:
Hot Keys are listed in the hack menu, start the hack and click on the Hotkeys menu.
There is also a help menu, read it it is very useful.
Danny Rancher,
14 Sep 2010, 18:38
Danny Rancher,
14 Sep 2010, 18:38