Vintage Button Bracelets in Stylish Neutrals

Each piece is uniquely crafted combining vintage buttons, glass beads and/or semi precious stones.      

Click on images to enlarge the photos. 

#019  "1800 flavor"  This black bracelet is chock full of antique buttons both black 
          jet & shoe buttons.  Plus unique one of a kind buttons that total 104 in all.

#038  Black sparkles.  81 buttons -  Antique rhinestone, gem, black jet, carved &              shoe buttons make up this unique one of a kind piece.

 #033 Vintage coat buttons make a bangle that goes
          with everything.  It will be your new favorite

#027  Antique wood, glass, brass and pearl buttons with a touch of shimmer. 
          87 buttons in total.

#040  Leaves & flowers.  81 glass flowers, leaves, wood balls, lucite gems, brass                  carved antique one of a kind buttons, such as a bird in flight. 


#05  Turtles with buttons of jade, flowers of blue & antique gold, pearl, jet and other
        special buttons that make up a one of a kind bracelet.

#022  Metal & crystal.  Casual & fun wear it day or night time!

#04  Mother of pearl bangle with silver frog.

#016  Antique buttons "All White" give the feel of sun flowers and starfish.

#021  White glass buttons make this bracelet unique.  104 in total make it eye

#015  White mother of pearl bracelet.  Over 45 antique buttons.  Wear night or day.

#046  Pearl bangle with antique clock button.  Too cute!!!

#043  Carved, crystals, gems, pearls, rhinestones plus antique brass buttons,
         make up this one of a kind sparkler.  "40 buttons"

#013  "Eye Catching White"  Loaded with antique buttons of all shapes & sizes.                   Mother of pearl, rhinestone, floral, texture, lucite, white leather and pearl.               Total of 50 buttons.

#01  Triple stack of Mother of Pearl bracelets with gold bead detail. 
        Wear together or alone.

#02  Mother of Pearl button bangle with gold bead detail.

#042  Black crystal, gold balls & mother of pearl button bangle.

#041  Lucite Buttons & Gold Beads.  Go from day to night.  Wear with jeans or a    
          cocktail dress. 

#044  Lucite buttons and gold balls, accented with a frosted glass butterfly.

#020  Set of three.  Wear together or alone.  Gold beads with brass buttons. 


#014  Antique buttons 68 in all make up this eye catching, one of a kind bracelet. 
          Each button is a jewel on its own. 

#048  Silver with rhinestones - Lots of sparkle. 

#071  Silver floral and shield buttons are better than charms on this
          charming silver button bracelet duo.  Wear together or alone. 
Two bracelets for $22.00


#039  Mirror, carved, silvered & rhinestone button bracelet. 
          30 buttons make up this chunky bangle.

Vintage Color Button Bracelets