HALO!Instructions for download (519.42 mb) [Windows only!]
1) (LEFT) Click this link
2) RIGHT CLICK the blue Download Anyway button. 
3) Click Save Link As
4) Put it on your Desktop. Nowhere else.
5) Extract all the files to your desktop.
 Remember Kids be careful when playing halo. Teachers hate it more than the other games!!!
Follow the arrow.
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Welcome to our Google Site, DellortoGames, a site full of free, light, and addicting games from all over the Internet. It was created by Nick, Dominic, and Alex Dellorto, and Kyle Sendra while they were in 8th grade at OLHMS, and to keep the site in good shape, added Gabriel Frausto, Sebastian Alba, Alex Szczepanik, and Jerred Foster. 

Everyone is welcome to play these games and suggest more. We read the suggestions but due to time, online space, and laziness, we don’t always get to them right away. 

We also had a music site since many schools block music streaming sites called DellortoMusic but that hasn’t been maintained in such a long time now. Find it here.
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Looking for more games because we're not enough for you? Check out this dude's game site just like ours with other games

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