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     Welcome to DellortoGames, a site full of small sized and addicting flash games. Click any game listed on the right in order to play it, and feel free to suggest any games under the Contact Us Section and we may get to add it here. 
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    About Dellorto Games:
    This website is a Google Site which offers free, light sized, and addicting flash games that circulate around the World Wide Web. It was originally created by Nick, Dominic, and Alex Dellorto, Kyle Sendra, and Gabriel Frausto, and later added Sebastian Alba and Alex Szczepanik to it's staff. We made it while in 8th grade (6 for Alex) a few years ago at OLHMS, where the site blossomed for the first time. Here you're welcome to play these fun and light sized flash games in your browser and to suggest more to us in the Contact Us page. We do read the suggestions and this website is still being maintained. As well as DellortoGames, we had a music site (DellortoMusic) since many places don't allow the access of music streaming websites, but at this point it's much easier to put your favorite Kelly Clarkson songs on your phone, iPod, or flash drive to play on your computer and it is no longer necessary. 
    DellortoMusic and DellortoGames are at your service.
    The Original Creators of DellortoGames©
    Nick Dellorto ^

    Kyle Sendra ^

    Dominic Dellorto ^

    Alex Dellorto ^ 

    Gabriel Frausto  ^
    and our newest members!
    Sebastian Alba

    Alex Szczepanik

    Subpages (2): Counter Strike Spelunky

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