This I Believe...

Have you ever had a dream or sport that you loved to do and somebody comes along and says you won't amount to anything? I have, but this can be countered to benefit you by taking your frustration and putting it in your effort to play or do the thing you love to do. This is what I believe. I believe that however many times people tell you your weak it should just make you try your hardest and make your ambition drive harder. It shouldn't matter what people say if it does try your best to prove them wrong.


I used to be horrible in basketball, but people told I wasn't going to be good so I practiced everday. Whenever I played pickup games at the park, I played with older kids. The reason I played with older kids is because there bigger and better then me so I have to try my best to match their potential skills. Now that I have got better I can sometimes beat my older brother. People tell me I won't start on the team but watch I'm going to prove them wrong. You can do the same thing if you believe in yourself and try your best. I despise people when they say you can't do it or your garbage in basketball. That's when I stop playing and get serious. Those people annoy the heck out of me I think there called haters. It is ok though because if you didn't have haters you wouldn't have anything to push you. I hate when people say they're better than me, like my brother, and their not. Anyway, here is a story that encourages me to push myself to become a better basketball player. This one summer I was at this YMCA program I was playing for summer basketball team. Every game I played I didn't score any points so they said I was weakest kid on the team. One day I played 21 with one of my teammates and he said, "Why do you play basketball. You're not good". That made me furious and determined to prove them wrong. So I'm going to make something of myself.

People used to make fun of me and choose me last, so I vowed to myself that I will someday make it into the NBA. Here I am trying to fulfill that dream with all my heart determination. Before you get done reading this, check out my other essay at my main page.


One of my favorite quotes:  Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.
Tim Duncan