EFLA- English from Los Angeles

                              ( a non-profit organization)

    Study English with  professional graduates from 

                      Cal State University Los Angeles

All teachers are native English speakers 

www.youtube.com/ESLfromLosAngeles: Communictive focus:


Compare our credentials and rates with schools run by corporations and non-native English speakers


ESL CLASSES : taught by Professionals with M.A. in TESOL from California State University Los Angeles

 Classes at Cal State University Los Angeles:      Start classes any time: Group and private

                         Classes  :

                      English for Academic purposes (EAP): reading/writing, spaking/listening, grammar, conversation

                      English 20 (beginner level), English 21 (intermediate), English 28 (high intermediate),

                      English 101 (advanced/college level English)

                      Business and Vocational English

                      Accent reduction/Phonetics

                      TOEFL/CELTA/IBT preparation class (Learn how to do well on standardized tests)

                      Private tutoring sessions/classes

                      Group sessions/classes

 Classes for prospective ESL   *TEACHERS: students are suggested to have a B.A but it is not required

                      TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

                      Learn effective teaching strategies for teaching grammar, speaking and listening, reading and


 How to Enroll:

                          Send an email to EFLAcassi@yahoo.com or eslfromlosangeles@yahoo.com

Tuition           Study with a conscious community of  professional scholars for $30-50 hourly 

                           each month. The fee  includes unlimited tutoring, three

                          weekly class sessions,  and live  phone or web counseling/tutoring.  Local students may receive in

                          person  tutoring. 


Payment Options:    Current procedure: Cash/Check/prepaid visa card


Purchase prepaid Card : http://www.gift2go.net/?gclid=CNjRirSJtpwCFRkpawodtz7Lmw

                Pay Pal:    Since this company works internationally, there are several ways to make a

                                 payment. We are in the process of purchasing a "merchant account" under the company

                                name so in the future, you will be able to pay online with a credit card using "paypal" that

                                 accepts visa, mastercard, etc..



 money order/Check:  We accept this method of payment in person only with proper i.d.

 Make check or money payable to 

                              :    Delilah Silverman


mailing address                  ESLfromlosangeles c/o Cynthia Silverman





 Location:        on campus at CSULA

                               at the client's office space, or San Francisco State University.

Master's/Graduate  Students:  

                                         This program

                                         is for ESL and nativeEnglish speaking students who hold at least a B.A. degree.  Learn from a

                                          native speaker with   professional teaching experience and a M.A. in TESOL from

                                       California State University Los  Angeles.  In addition to traditional classes, we offer

                                          virtual classes through SKYPE  (www.skype.com), just go to the website and create

                                          (sign up for) an account and add us : eslfla (skype id).

Location        :CSULA, online; ESLFLA (www.skype.com), San Francisco State University

contact          : 213-590-6979

Internship:   If you have no experience teaching, are a native English speaker/bi-lingual, and need practical

                          teaching hours to complete a credential or certificate program, please send an email to set up

                          a schedule for observing classes or working as an assistant instructor.

E-mail:           for questions regarding tuition and test assessment: eflaCassi@yahoo.com or

                          General Office email:                                                                ESLfromlosangeles@yahoo.com 


About ESL from Los Angeles:  All instructors hold at least an M.A. in TESOL In addition to extensive teaching experience.  The director of the company is currently seeking her Ph.d in Linguistics. Teachers are native speakers of English and also nearly fluent in Spanish as well as Portuguese.  The mission of this institution is to provide the highest quality learning experience at the lowest cost by putting the needs of the student ahead of maximum profit potential.  The tuition above is a suggested donation price but can be negotiated on a sliding scale. 


Donation Wish List:  Don't want to donate money?  You can help our organization by trading services or

                                  donating materials; BOOKS, SOFTWARE, FREE WEB PAGE HOSTING, SCANNER, etc.

 Internet Resources: 


http://www.calstate.edu/  (College and university information for California)

 http://www.calstate.edu/admission/index.shtml (University admission requirements)

 www.ets.org  (TOEFL TEST application and information)

   http://www.meritsoftware.com/standardized_tests/CA.php  (High School graduate/diploma/GED)


www.youtube.com/eslfromlosangeles: Communictive focus:

Interactive videos and reading/writing/speaking lessons.  "How to" videos.  Also focuses with pragmatic/idiomatic understanding and native accent.


Thank you for chooseing ESLfromlosangeles, working towards a better community.