Vegetarian Pho


Pho noodles

bouillon cube


Hoisin Sauce




This is the cheapest & easiest dish ever.  If you have a Thai (or other Asian market) around – ask if they sell fresh noodles (  They are typically in the refrigerated section – where milk would be.  Near me – a package cost $1.39 and makes two huge bowls of soup.  I heat some water, add half a vegetarian boullion cube (for one bowl), the noodles, a good squueeze of Sriracha ( and another of vegetarian hoisin ( and some chopped, FRESH cilantro.  As soon as the soup is warm enough to eat (not boiling) – put it in a bowl  - squeeze a little lime in – if you like – and eat!  The noodles only need about two minutes in warm water to soften completely.  Overcooking them turns them to a gluey mess.  Try to avoid that!

These are the noodles (type & brand) that I found locally.  I am certain there are many brands but it is specifically THIS type of noodle you need to make this pho.  Maybe copy & paste this photo to your phone & have it handy for when you are shopping for the right noodles.