Vegetable Pot Pie & Cupcakes


Vegetable Pot Pie & Cupcakes

Homemade Herbed Tart Crust Pastry

NOTE:  - this is enough for 6 cupcakes AND extra to line the bottom & top of a full-sized pot pie.


3 cups flour

12 TBS butter (salted, if possible) – CHILLED and cubed

2 eggs

1+ TBS fresh thyme (or diced fresh sage or fresh parsley or fresh oregano) OPTIONAL


1/4 tsp salt


Mix the salt & flour together in your food processor (or in a bowl – as this dough could be made by hand – just not by me).

Pulse in the butter until it is incorporated into the dough.  Pulse in the fresh herbs.  Pulse in the two eggs.  Add water 1 TBS at a time until small lumps of dough form.

Divide the dough in half.  Roll the dough out on a floured surface.  Roll out half for the cupcakes.  I used a small bowl to cut out 12 circular disks.  I made them all the larger size required to line the bottoms of my cupcake pan.  I had to ball up the extra bits & roll it out again to get my 12 disks.  

I divided the remaining dough in two.  I rolled them out flat, lined the bottom of my pie dish & left the other (the topper) flat on a plate.

Spray your cupcake tin with cooking spray and line each cup with pastry.

Refrigerate your pastry-lined cupcake pan, the pie dish & the topper for at least 30 minutes.

Vegetable Pot Pie & Cupcakes


Tart dough (recipe above)

4 TBS butter

1 medium onion - diced

1/2 celery root - peeled & diced (optional but DELICIOUS!)

2 carrots - diced

2 celery stalks - diced

1 baked potato (or boiled) - diced

handful of chopped parsley

2 TBS Fresh Thyme - chopped

1/2 tsp dry thyme

1/2 tsp oregano

8.5 oz canned corn (or half a 15 oz can) - OR - the kernels cut from two ears of fresh corn

8.5 oz canned peas (or half a 15 oz can)

1   10 3/4 oz can Cream of Celery soup

1   10 3/4 oz can Cream of Mushroom soup

up to 1 cup milk (optional)

1 egg - whisked - for the crust wash (optional)



Melt the butter in a large saute pan.  Add the diced onion, carrots, celery root, celery stalks & saute for about ten minutes or until the harder veggies are tender.  Add the potato, corn, peas, parsley, fresh thyme, dry thyme, oregano, both soups and S&P to taste.  CAREFULLY fold these ingredients together being careful not to mush up the soft potato.  If you like the contents of your pot pies to be wetter & creamier - add some milk to thin up the veggies to your taste.  Set aside.

Get the cupcake tin out of the fridge & fill each cup with the veggie mix.   Top with the cupcake tops & pinch the rims closed with your fingers. VENT with a fork or knife.

For the full-sized pie, fill it with the remaining veggie mix.   Top with the crust & trim, seal & flute the edge.  Brush all your pastries with egg wash (if using).  VENT each pie with a fork or the tip of a knife.

Bake the cupcakes 20-25 minutes - or until their crusts look nicely golden.

Bake the full pot pie 25-35 minutes - or until golden - checking frequently to be sure you do not burn the crust.

Let the cupcakes & pot pie sit for ten minutes before serving.