Thai Chili Lemongrass Grilled Shrimp with Sweet Basil & Lime Fried Rice


Thai Chili Lemongrass Grilled Shrimp with Sweet Basil & Lime Fried Rice


1 lb large shrimp - peeled & cleaned

4 cups cooked rice (your choice on variety)


1/4 cup fish sauce (or oyster sauce - if fish sauce is unavailable)

1/4 cup fresh lime (or lemon) juice

1 TBS chili paste (sambal oelek or sriracha)

1 stalk lemongrass (or the zest of half a lemon) - bruised with a rolling pin & sliced

1 red (or green) jalapeno - seeded & diced

2 serrano (or other spicy) peppers - seeded and diced

20 Thai (or other) basil leaves - diced

1/4 cup sugar

1 TBS oil (I used olive oil)

4 garlic cloves - minced


1 TBS chili garlic paste (or sambal oelek or sriracha)

30 Thai sweet basil leaves (or other basil)

1 ear corn - kernels cut from cob (or equivalent canned or frozen) -  optional 

1 bunch bunashimeji mushrooms (or enoki or chopped white mushrooms) - optional

2 limes

fresh cilantro

4 TBS oil (I used olive oil)

3 shallots - diced

4 scallions - sliced thinly

6 garlic cloves - minced

2 red (or green) jalapenos 

2 TBS fish sauce (or oyster sauce)

3 TBS oyster sauce

1 red bell pepper - seeded & chopped


Cook your rice to net 4 cups cooked rice.   Clean the shrimp.

Bruise the lemongrass (if using) by smashing it with a rolling pin to split the sides.  This releases the flavor & aroma.  Chop it up in 1-2 inch chunks.

Whisk the fish (or oyster) sauce with the juice of your lime (or lemon) and then whisk in the sugar until it dissolves.  Combine all the other ingredients (chili paste, lemongrass (or lemon zest), jalapeno, serranos, chopped basil, oil & garlic_ and toss with the shrimp to coat completely.  Marinate in a glass bowl or zip lock bag - in the fridge - for as long as possible (at least an hour but 3-4 is even better).  Agitate the marinade ever 30 minutes or so to evenly distribute flavors.

Heat a grill or grill pan & cook your shrimp over high heat until JUST cooked through.  Err on the side of under-cooked as they will continue to cook after being removed from the heat.

In a wok or other large frying or saute pan, heat the oil and add the chopped shallots, garlic, scallions, jalapenos, bell pepper, corn, mushrooms, & about HALF of the chopped basil.  After a few minutes, add the fish & oyster sauces, the chili garlic paste and saute another 5 minutes or so.  Add the 4 cups of cooked rice & blend well.  Right before serving - stir in the rest of the chopped basil and squeeze in the juice of half a lime.

Serve by placing a portion of rice on each plate & several grilled shrimp.  Garnish with chopped fresh cilantro & be sure to squeeze fresh lime over the rice AND the shrimp.  Place a lime wedge on each dish.  Serve!

Get ready to eat like a prison inmate, crouched over your plate, protecting its contents and growling at any errant hand that strays too close for your comfort.  This dish is ridiculously tasty!