Spicy Hoisin BBQ Salmon Tacos with Asian Slaw & Micro Cilantro

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Spicy Hoisin BBQ Salmon Tacos with Asian Slaw


Salmon (1/2 lb per person) - try to get wild caught - not farmed.


Hoisin sauce

Sambal Olek or Asian chili paste


soy sauce


1/4 medium head cabbage - shredded fine

3 inches of daikon - cut into short matchsticks

4 scallions - sliced fine

1/2 cup mayonaise

2 TBS rice vinegar

1 TBS sesame oil

1 TBS black sesame seeds (optional - but they look pretty)

1 tsp black pepper 


1/2 cup sambal olek

2 TBS sesame oil

1 TBS white sesame seeds

Corn Tortillas (small taco size - if possible) - 3 or more per person

Micro cilantro or regular cilantro for garnish

lime wedges


Put the salmon in a something to marinate it.  I used a freezer baggy.  I put the salmon in & then added a good amount (1/4 cup?) honey & the same amount of soy, sambal olek & hoisin sauce.  I sealed the bag, smooshed everything around in there & put in in the fridge all day.

For the slaw - blend the mayo, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar & pepper.  Mix the cabbage, scallions & daikon & then add the sauce.  Finally - add in the black sesame seeds - if you are using them.  Set aside - or chill if you made this in advance.

For the chili sauce - blend the sambal olek, sesame oil & white sesame seeds.  Set aside.

Remove the fish from the marinade but keep the marinade nearby n a bowl.  Grill your salmon a few minutes on each side over high heat.  I used a round grill pan.  I left the center of the salmon rare.  Feel free to poke into the salmon to check doneness - as you will break it up into small pieces later.  You may like your fish more cooked than I do.  Just eyeball it until you think it is ready. Return the cooked fish to the marinade.  

Heat your tortillas on BOTH SIDES on a grill or in a frying pan or over your burners until they soften & just start to show browned patches.  Now it is time to assemble the tacos.  You can put a portion of fish & slaw & tortillas on each plate & let folks assemble them themselves - or put everything out buffet style.  I was alone so I assembles the three tacos on my plate.  Easy.  Tortillas, slaw, fish, a drizzle of chili sauce, cilantro & a squeeze of lime.  Shove it in your face.  Enjoy!