Orange Chipotle Beef "Barbacoa" Tacos for the Slow Cooker


Orange Chipotle Beef "Barbacoa" Tacos


9 pounds of chuck roast or brisket

For the marinade

2 12oz cans orange juice concentrate

10 cloves garlic

1 12oz can chipotle peppers in adobo

1 TBS dry oregano

2 TBS cumin

For the slow cooker

1 12oz can orange juice concentrate

1 7oz can chipotle peppers in adobo - minced

1-2 bunches of fresh cilantro - minced

1 red onion - diced

6 cloves garlic - minced

1 TBS salt

juice & zest of 4 limes

6-8 cups stock

GARNISH - juice of 1/2 - 1 orange & 1 TBS chipotle powder (powder - not more peppers)

TACO ingredients - beyond the corn tortillas - the rest is a matter of taste.  Use any of the following: shredded lettuce, shredded red or green cabbage, chopped tomatoes, chopped red onion, chopped scallions, sliced radishes, shredded carrots, guacamole, salsa, grated cheese, Mexican crema or sour cream & hot sauce.


For the marinade

Blend the marinade ingredients in a food processor.  Coat your meat & store in the fridge in some kind of Tupperware for as long as possible.  I marinated mine two days before grilling it & putting it in the slow cooker.

For the grill

I am no grill master.  I have an old Weber & just heated the coals until they were ready & flopped the marinated meat on the rack.  I grilled it, turning it often, until it was fairly black on the outside.  How cooked it is inside doesn't matter.  You will cook the bejesus out of it in the slow cooker next. 

For the slow cooker

Add the meat to your slow cooker.  Add all the slow cooker ingredients (which - minus the stock - you can puree in a food processor or blender) & cook on high for a solid 4-6 hours.  I then left mine on low overnight. 

The next day, take the meat from the slow cooker and, in a bowl or on a cutting board or in the sink on a cutting board (that is what I did), shred the meat up with two forks or a knife & fork.  Toss any obvious chunks of fat (or feed them to your dog!).  When all the meat is shredded, pour the remaining juices out of the slow cooker (maybe through a colander to catch smaller bits of meat) and then return the wet beef to the slow cooker.  Squeeze the juice of 1/2 - 1 orange into the meat & add the chipotle powder.  Stir to blend.  Leave on warm - stirring occasionally - until ready to serve.  If it gets dry - just add a tiny bit of water or stock - but this shouldn't be an issue.  Mine stayed moist all day.

Assemble tacos & devour!