Homemade Herbed Tart Crust Pastry

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Homemade Herbed Tart Crust Pastry

enough for TWO tarts


3 cups flour

12 TBS butter (salted, if possible) - CHILLED and cubed

2 eggs

1+ TBS fresh thyme (or diced fresh sage or fresh parsley or fresh oregano)


1/4 tsp salt


Mix the salt & flour together in your food processor (or in a bowl - as this dough could be made by hand - just not by me).  

Pulse in the butter until it is incorporated into the dough.  Pulse in the fresh herbs.  Pulse in the two eggs.  Add water 1 TBS at a time until small lumps of dough form.

Divide the dough into two balls & on a lightly floured surface, roll the two balls into disks large enough to line your tart pan.  I rolled one out - and lined my tart pan.  The other, I kept in a ball, rolled it in some flour & then wrapped it in plastic wrap to keep in the fridge for another tart another day.

When you line your tart pan - press the dough in gently, starting from the center & work to the edges.  I wrapped my pastry over the rim & then cut away extra.  You can cut it at the rim - for a cleaner look.

Refrigerate your pastry-lined tart pan for at least 30 minutes.