Hangover Cure #4 - Spicy Bloody Mary

FROM - DelightfulDeliciousDelovely.com

While I have found that vodka & numerous spicy additions are the only things that can salvage a glass of tomato juice and render it even remotely tempting – I need to confess that Clamato (to make a Caesar - http://cocktails.about.com/od/vodkadrinkrecipes/r/bloody_caesar.htm) makes a superior Bloody Mary – far better than just that random, plain, canned gagger stuff.  Better yet, though, are the many pre-mixed spicy blends out there.  I cannot make a decent Bloody Mary from plain tomato juice.  I just cannot.  I need to start with a decent Bloody Mary mix – like Mr. & Mrs. T’s - http://www.webstaurantstore.com/mr-mrs-t-32-oz-bold-spicy-bloody-mary-mix-12-cs/115BMARYRS.html.   Starting with one of these mixes – and not one of the really thick ones – I add the following:

LOTS of ice

A really good Bloody Mary mix - spicy is better

Vodka – no need for an expensive one – since so much crap is gonna be added



Hot sauce – I like Crystal 

Olives – the standard Spanish olives with pimento

Celery – with the leafy top

Dill pickles – for rim garnish (if you have’m.  They are not critical)

Lime juice (fresh only!)


I am pretty heavy handed with the horseradish & the lime.  You can mix these ingredients in any ratio you prefer.  Master chef tip?   If you go heavy with the vodka on the first one – the second one tastes AMAZING!