February 14, 2014

Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi Centre

Venue: Auditorium, ISI Delhi


9:00 - 9:20                                      Registration and Morning Tea



9:20 - 9:30        Opening remarks     Chetan Ghate                            ISI Delhi



  9:30 - 10:20       Speaker                 Kundan Kishor                          University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 


Topic: Are all movements in Food and Energy Prices Transitory? Evidence from India                                                

(jointly with Vipul Bhatt, James Madison University


Chair: Martin Rama


10:20 - 11:10     Keynote Lecture     Kenneth Kletzer                         University of California at Santa Cruz


Topic: Public Debts and Fiscal Insurance in Monetary Union: Imperfect Information and Commitment


Chair: Satya Das (ISI Delhi)

11:10 - 11:40                                     Tea


11:40 - 12:30     Speaker                 Venkatesh Panchapagesan        IIM Bangalore


Topic: Do Business Group Owned Mutual Funds Maximize Value for their Investors?

(jointly with Pulak Ghosh, IIM Bangalore, and Jayant R. Kale, Georgia State University)


Chair: Prabal Roy Chowdhury (ISI Delhi)


12:30 – 1:20      Speaker                 Abhiman Das                            Reserve Bank of India


Topic: Role of Inflation Expectation in Estimating a Phillips Curve for India


Chair: Kundan Kishor



1:20 - 2:30                                        Lunch                               


2:30 - 3:20         Speaker                 Krishnamurthy Subramanian       Indian School of Business


Topic: A framework for analyzing food policy in a developing economy

(jointly with Bharat Ramaswamy, ISI Delhi, and Sridhar Seshadri, Indian School of Business

Chair: Pulapre Balakrishnan (CDS and ISI Delhi)


  3:20 - 4:10         Speaker                 Martin Rama                             World Bank


Topic: The Rupee and the Fed: The Role of Tapering in Accounting for India’s Currency Depreciation                                

(jointly with Yuki Ikeda, World Bank, and Denis Medvedev, World Bank


Chair: Kenneth Kletzer


4:10 – 4:40                                       Tea




4:40 - 5:30         Speaker                 Shesadri Banerjee                     NCAER


Topic: Welfare Cost of Inflation Volatility: Evidence from Advanced and Developing Economies


Chair: Chetan Ghate


5:30 pm                                           Vote of Thanks



Note: Attendance is strictly by invitation. All presentations are for 50 minutes (40 minutes presentation, 10 minutes Q and A)