Dr. José Angel Delgadillo Gómez





Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

This page is to show my research and work experience. I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Minerals Engineering from the University of San Luis Potosi. I got my Ph.D from the University of Utah. Currently I am a full time professor at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi in the department of metallurgical engineering where I conduct research in particle classification using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

My experience is on modeling of mineral and chemical processing operations. Research interest is in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of hydrocyclones and particle classification devices.

As a product of my research I have explored novel designs to improve the classification process. This is a work in progress and shortly I will come with better designs for the mineral processing industry. The capability of CFD to explore novel geometries opens the door to the optimization of hydrocyclones for paper, water treatment, cement and many more industries.

My current activity is to improve the particle classification in hydrocyclones and the exploration of novel designs to manipulate the classification. Also, I am involved in the generation of new projects to change the ways of grinding of mineral ores.

I hope you find this page informative and if you need more information please feel free to contact me.

Dr. José Angel Delgadillo Gómez
Av. Sierra Leona # 550
Lomas 2da sección. C.P 78210
San Luis Potosi, S.L.P. Mexico
Tel: (444) 825-4326 ext. 119