Creamy Hummus from

What you'll need

1/4 cup tahini

1 lemon juiced

1/4 cup or so of water

1 to 2 TBSP canola oil

salt to taste

1 can garbanzo beans or chickpeas drained and rinsed

1 or 2 cloves minced garlic 

The secret to a really creamy hummus is blending the tahini and lemon juice together first.  Throw em in a blender or food processor and give it a whirl.

Next add in half of the water, 1 TBSP canola oil, dash of salt, and about half of the chickpeas.  Blend until smooth.  Add in the rest of the chickpeas and a little more water if needed.  Blend.  Taste.  The beauty of hummus is that you make it to taste.  Just keep tasting until it's how you like it.

Now pour it in a bowl.  Make a little indentation on the top and add fresh minced garlic with a splash of canola oil.

Yummo!  How easy was that?