my Dutch CodeWalletPro Forms

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I am also interested in your own CodeWalletPro Forms websites! 


I just started this website (on 19 april  2006) so give me some time to expand it to a couple of thousand forms :) 


One nice thing in CodeWalletPro is that you can create your own so called forms in which you can store certain kinds of atomic information cards. I place here some of the forms i made, mostly for Dutch users only or adjusted for Dutch users but also customized icons for e.g. specific websites, for your pleasure. This is a form for the Dutch Hobby Computer Club (with 150.000 members)


 Airmileskaart_19042006.cwx This is a form for the Dutch Airmiles Card (46% of the Dutch Households uses Airmiles). This was posted by someone on the developerone user forums but now disappeared, if you are the original creater than contact me and i will place your name here. I found it very useful since it included the Airmiles website where i discovered they still had my old physical address.


  Rabo_19042006.cwx  This is the form in which you can store the number and data for your Rabobank card including opening times for your local Rabobank, i found this on the old developerone forums but i included the number +31 499 499 112 in case you lose your wallet and need to call Interhelp to report your missing pass. If you have multiple Rabobank Cards put in your headline description which one belongs to which internet bankieren account (since e.g. automatic monthly payments are only visible in one specific internet account).


 AbnAmro_19042006.cwx  In here you can store the data belonging to your ABN Amro card. I included the number 0900-0024 / +31 10 24 11 720 in case you lose your card


AmericanExpress_19042006.cwx  I based this on another American Express Card Form but also included the telephone number 020 5048700 in case you lose your american express card.


TotalPowerPoints_19042006.cwx  The Gift Savings Card from Total, the gas stations. I included the mutation form in PDF so it is a little bit bigger (around 450kb). I also include the different e-mail adresses and the emergency phone number 020 6816161. The login and password for the Total website is the same as your cardnumer but i included it anyway.


Staatsloterij_19042006.cwx On this form you can base your Staatsloterij cards. I included the helpdesk number, the address information and some handy e-mail addresses. Note that you can change your physical address on the website itself in your personal portal.










CodeWalletPro is a PocketPC and Desktop application which lets you save encrypted data like passwords, financial data or emergency numbers. You can download CodeWallet Pro from Developerone here. You can find some default forms here  and you can submit your own forms here