Our preschool classes are designed to help your preschooler gain body awareness and large motor coordination in a fun, stimulating & encouraging environment, all while learning the basics of gymnastics.  Social and physical activities will develop hand-eye coordination, perceptual motor skills 
and spacial awareness.
Mini-Mites (Age 1 & 2):
 In this class for little ones ages 1-2, an adult must accompany the child while they enjoy  
dancing, climbing, hopping, jumping and balancing on the gymnastics events, obstacle courses & trampoline.  

Mighty-Mites (Age 3 to 4.5):
  In this class preschoolers will explore tumbling, obstacle courses, trampoline, bars, balance  
beam and vault.

 Firecrackers (Age 4.5-6):
 In this class preschoolers will begin the basics of gymnastics on all of the gymnastics events;  
vault, bars, balance beam, floor, including obstacle course & trampoline.

**Please arrive 5 minutes prior to class time. 
Please contact the office to schedule a makeup for a missed class. 
Makeup classes must be done in the current quarter. Tuition is non-refundable.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at 610-876-5005 or email at for a prompt reply.

Boys: T-Shirt & shorts
Girls: bodysuit or bodysuit & shorts or leggings 
Cheerleaders & Tumblers: T-Shirt/Shorts. NO Camis, half tops or baggy sweatpants
No socks, sneakers, jean shorts, zippers, buckles or baggy clothing
Long hair must be pulled back. No BOBBY PINS
Delco sells GK Bodysuits and shorts at the gym. Prices range from $18-$32.

**IMPORTANT: For the safety of all students, parents are not permitted inside the gymnasium. If you are dropping off your child late, or need to pick her/him up early, please stop in the office and ask our office manager to assist you. Thank you!

**Receive a 10% discount for the 1st Quarter if registration and payment is received by June 30th
**Receive an additional 10% discount if Paid in Full for the year

*Sibling discount 20% for the 2nd child's tuition, 30% for the 3rd child's tuition.

CLICK HERE for  Information on How to Calculate Tuition Discounts.