Every child comes to class with a different & unique ability. 
Classes are categorized by age & level to help choose the most appropriate class.
In the Springer, Flipper, Aerial & Twister Classes, children will learn skills on all the 
gymnastics events as well as trampoline.
Boys: Vault, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, High Bar, Floor & Rings
Girls: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam & Floor.

SPRINGER: Springers-Level 1
This class is for children at the beginner level or starting gymnastics for the first time. They will be learning forward rolls,  handstands, cartwheels on floor, and basic gymnastics skills on all the events; vault, bars, balance beam &  floor exercise.
FLIPPER: Flippers- Level 2 This class is for children who are progressing in their skills and have already learned, cartwheels, bridge kick-over on floor, as well as pullovers and back hip circles on bars. They will be learning skills on all the events; vault, bars, balance beam & floor exercise.

SPRINGER/FLIPPER: Springer/Flippers are our older girls that are working on their Level 1 and Level 2 skills listed above. They will be learning skills on all events: vault, bars, balance beam & floor exercise.

AERIAL: Aerials- Level 3 This class is for students who have mastered the basic gymnastics skills on each event and are ready to move to advanced skills. 
Must be able to do a back handspring alone on floor exercise. Aerials will be working on all four events, vault, bars, balance beam and floor exercise.
*Must be teacher recommended or evaluated.

TWISTER: Twisters is our most ADVANCED Class. Twisters must be able to perform the basic skills on all 4 events. They must be able to do; 
roundoff back handsprings alone on floor, cartwheels and back walkovers on beam, front handsprings on vault and pullovers, hip circles and cast squat up on bars. Twisters will be working advanced skills on all four events, vault, bars, balance beam and floor. *Must be teacher recommended or evaluated.
TUMBLING & Trampoline (T & T):  These classes for girls ages 6 to 16. The focus will be on floor tumbling skills: cartwheels, 
 back walkovers, roundoffs, back handsprings, back flips and beyond!  Students will also work trampoline to improve air sense & jumping ability.  
*Perfect for Cheerleaders or Dancers learning Acro!
 **NOTE T & T does not include balance beam, bars or vault. If your child would like to do these other events, please sign up for a Springer or Flipper Class.

**Please arrive 5 minutes prior to class time. 
Please contact the office to schedule a makeup for a missed class. 
Makeup classes must be done in the current quarter. Tuition is non-refundable.
If you have any questions please feel free to call the office at 610-876-5005 or email at for a prompt reply.

Boys: T-Shirt & shorts  
Girls: bodysuit or bodysuit & shorts or leggings 
Cheerleaders & Tumblers: fitted T-Shirt/Shorts NO Camis, half tops or baggy sweatpants
No socks, sneakers, jean shorts, zippers, buckles or baggy clothing  
Long hair must be pulled back. No BOBBY PINS
Delco sells GK Bodysuits and shorts at the gym. Prices range from $16-$28.

**IMPORTANT: For the safety of all students, parents are not permitted inside the gymnasium. If you are dropping off your child late, or need to pick her/him up early, please stop in the office and ask our office manager to assist you. Thank you!

*Receive a 10% discount if you Pay in Full for the year.

*Sibling discount 20% for the younger child's tuition.

CLICK HERE for  Information on How to Calculate Tuition Discounts.