Conservation Planning

As part of administering 319 funding, the WRWP is required to do watershed planning. This is to ensure that the funding is being used on projects that are actually addressing water quality problems in our community. Although this often times limits the spatial area for cost-share implementation, it does ensure that we are making an earnest effort to steward 319 resources.

The WRWP is fortunate to have strong partnerships with local organizations, such as Ball State University, The Bureau of Water Quality, the Delaware County GIS Department, and the Delaware-Muncie Metropolitan Plan Commission – that aid in creating effective Watershed Management Plans. We also depend on citizen volunteers, like you, to aid in this process. Please consider getting involved with the Watershed Planning Process


Prairie Creek, Killbuck/Mud Creek and Buck Creek. – Tia Agnew
Prairie Creek, Killbuck/Mud Creek and Buck Creek. – Tom Reeve
Prairie Creek Reservoir Master Plan. – Lorey Stinton