Clean Water Indiana (CWI)
Clean Water Indiana's primary goal is to reduce nutrient loading in our streams and rivers. This is a problem not only for the Gulf Coast and the giant dead zone plaguing the area, but also for the health of our local ecosystem. Projects funded by CWI aim to decrease the nutrients flowing into surface waters and preserve our soil by keeping it out of the waterways.

On-Farm Network (OFN)
Over the past two years, the Delaware County SWCD has been working on a CWI grant in partnership with Madison, Randolph and Blackford Counties to implement nitrogen testing with the On Farm Network. There are currently 11 farmers signed up across these four counties who will benefit from this program. The purpose of the testing is to determine the nitrogen left in the stalks when the plant reaches maturity. This reading will enable farmers to see how much nitrogen is needed for proper plant growth. This method saves farmers money from over applying and also saves our streams from nutrient overload. 

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) 
The other facet of this grant included the promotion of the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. This State/Federal Cost-Share aims to add riparian buffers, filter strips, and hardwood trees in those agricultural zones along our waterways. The program will also pay for wetlands restoration, native grass plantings and promote wildlife habitat. 

All of these practices will contribute to a healthier environment by decreasing nutrient loading, increasing biodiversity and keeping soil on our fields and out of our water.