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Water Testing

2015 Water Testing Program

The Delaware County SWCD is hosting a water testing program for your drinking water wells and ponds!

Why test your water? Many different factors in the landscape can affect both surface and groundwater.

The EPA suggests testing your drinking water well once a year.

Landowners in Delaware and Blackford County are eligible to receive water testing.

Give us a call for more information! 765-747-5531 ext. 3 Analysis is on a first come, first serve basis.


The parameters of interest for this program have been found to be an issue in one or both main watersheds in Delaware County. If you’re interested in previous test results for your watershed, you can find the published White River Watershed Plan here:  http://www.in.gov/idem/nps/3180.htm      
Also check out the Mississinewa Watershed Management Plan, which is in development here: www.umrwp.org


Nitrates                                    <20 mg/L for animal drinking

Phosphorous                          <.01 mg/L aesthetics    

Ammonia                                <.01mg/L for fishing

Dissolved Oxygen                   >6mg/L for trout, >5mg/L for bass

pH                                             6.0-8.5 for animal drinking

Turbidity                                 >3ft for swimming—>1ft for fishing

Temperature <70F for trout

These tests can provide a snapshot of the overall health of your pond. Although we do not offer E.coli testing for ponds through this program, they should be tested if used as a livestock drinking water source or irrigation for edible gardens.


E.coli and nitrates can be found in wells from septic system problems, contaminated from animal wastes, sewage, fertilizer runoff or erosion of natural deposits. These factors make it  important to have your drinking water well tested once a year. 

EPA Maximum Contaminant Load (MCL) is 10mg/L Nitrate-N

E.coli will also be tested, with an MCL of zero!

pH should be between 6.5-8.5

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