Earth Team Education Program
In 2011 the WRWP completed its first year of monthly educational programs on storm water management. The series, called the WRWP/NRCS Earth Team Service Learning Program, is aimed at local citizens interested in learning more about water management. Participants learn how to be “storm water managers” of their own properties (residential, commercial, or governmental), tour local water infrastructure and conservation projects, and engage in existing community-wide volunteer efforts. We welcome you to participate in our next event. Contact Colby Gray for more information and registration. 

Schedule of topics: 

January - Storm water 101: Rain Capture and Rain Barrel Workshop
Location: Maring-Hunt Library
Participants learn about urban storm water issues and begin to quantify the stormwarter runoff on their individual property. The information is used to size rain barrel catchments systems. 

February - Urban BMP Workshop: Green Roof
Location: Indiana University Ball Memorial Hospital
Participants learn about the importance of Green Roofs as storm water BMPs and the various technologies that make them possible. 

March - Urban BMP Workshop: Rainwater Infiltration
Location: Motivate Our Minds
Participants learn about various ways to increase on site infiltration. Topics include rain gardens, rain swales, porous concrete, infiltration trenches, and vegetable gardens. 

April -Urban BMP Workshop: Large Scale Urban Wetlands
Location: John M Craddock Wetland Nature Preserve
Participants learn about the role Large Scale BMPs play in water quality. 

May - Tour: Water Pollution Control Facility/ Muncie Bureau of Water Quality
Location: Muncie Bureau of Water Quality
Participants learn about the Bureau of Water Quality and the history of water pollution control on the White River. Participants also learn about how storm water is treated in conjunction with waste management systems. 

June - Tour: Prairie Creek Reservoir
Location: Prairie Creek Beach House
Participants learn about the history of Prairie Creek Reservoir, the role it plays as a secondary drinking water supply, and the various non-point source pressures it faces. It also showcases the many projects developed at the Prairie Creek Beach area to advance the goals and objectives of the PC Master Plan. 

July - Tour: Minnetrista Nature Area
Location: Minnetrista Cultural Center
Participants learn about the Natural History of Indiana and the development of Delaware County from the perspective of water. Tour the Minnetrista Nature area that serves as a Microcosm for Indiana Natural Systems and is a case study for adaptive reuse of abandoned urban areas. 

August - The White River Ecosystem (EcoBlitz II)
Location: John M Craddock Wetlands 
Learn from the BSU Wildlife Society about the type of species that live along the White River Corridor. Capture fish as part of the BSU fisheries society and begin to see the importance for wildlife preservation. 

September - Morrows Meadow / Buck Creek
Location: Morrows Meadow, Yorktown, IN
Learn about stream management and riparian stewardship. Participants learn about basic river dynamics and ongoing management challenges. 

October - Agricultural Best Management Practices
Location: USDA Service Center
Learn about agricultural BMPs and the importance of conservation practices like no-till and cover crops. 

November - Service Project Implementation
Location: TBA
As a final Project, participants implement a service-project in response to a broadened understanding and/or developed interests. The 2011 team developed a rain barrel distribution program for Maring-Hunt Community Library. 

- Graduation/Celebration