The John M Craddock Ecoblitz is an annual event hosted at the John M. Craddock Wetlands Nature Preserve (corner of Bunch and Gavin Street) in Muncie, Indiana. EcoBlitz is a day of leisurely plant and animal identification geared to both the novice wildlife enthusiast as well as professional. The BSU Chapter of the Wildlife Society provides the public free lessons in identification and trapping techniques and work with participants to catalogue findings. The objective is to determine if the constructed wetland, adjacent to an old industrial site, is performing effectively and continuing to increase in biodiversity.

During the fall 2011 EcoBlitz, eight student leaders, under the guidance of Dr. Tim Carter, Dr. Don Ruch, and NREM field station manager John Taylor, lead an additional 25 students and 40 community citizens through an inventory of the wetlands. Birding resources donated from Cornell University were distributed and a free lunch was served to participants.

The event was featured on the front page of the Sunday Star Press on September 25th . During the day long inventory (including night trapping) 
32 species of birds, 7 mammals, and one reptile along with 27 new plant species were identified. Species of note were green heron, blue-gray gnatcatcher, red-winged blackbird.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Indiana wildlife and wetland habitat? Join us at our next event by contacting Colby Gray at for sign-up and additional information.