Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Research

Begin your journey by taking a look at a very helpful two-part report courtesy of ASID.org. It talks broadly about how to work with an Interior Designer.  The process beginning with research and ending with a completed space is dictated by the scope and complexity of your project.

Step 2: Dream

Are you building a new home?  Are you renovating your current home, or one you have just purchased?  Whatever the situation, begin envisioning how you want to transform your space? 

Step 3: Budget

Prior to meeting with a designer, have a general idea of the budget for your project.  If you don't know where to start, begin by pricing the items you would like to have in your new space.  If you are planning a kitchen remodel; price appliances, lighting, flooring, fixtures, etc.  If you know anyone who has completed a recent renovation, ask for their input. There are many variables and costs associated with renovation which can increase your initial planning budget. Often times you are not aware of all of these variables, so it is a good idea to add 20% to your initial number. You will not be able to determine a specific budget, but you will be able to get an overall view of what is realistic prior to your initial appointment.   It is the designer's job to develop a plan that respects your budget but is also realistic based on the scope of the project.

Step 4: Browse

Go ahead and browse internet design sites.  Bookmark pictures that illustrate looks, styles, rooms, furniture and accessories you like that inspire you. This will help you illustrate your vision to your designer. 

Delaney Interiors takes pride in being able to listen to the needs and desires of our clients.  We utilize our education, training, and experience to interpret the information we get from our clients to create a design that transforms any space into a functional and beautiful interior that matches your style and dreams.

Step 5: Contact Delaney Interiors!

The recommended steps are meant to help guide the process.  We are available at any time, and look forward to hearing from you.  We can be reached via phone (678.713.4523), email or contact page

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