Instrument Rental

All woodwind and brass students enrolled in a band class must rent from a music store (with the exception of euphonium and tuba players-you must purchase your own mouthpiece).

There are two rental options:

Option 1: (The Preferred Method) Rent from a music store. Not only does your child get a quality instrument, but they do not have to share with others. Damages are covered if you get the cheap insurance on it. It also comes with cleaning supplies and reeds to start off. It is just the best choice possible. Some stores will allow you to switch instruments throughout the year. The stores servicing our school are Music Shack, Music Coach, and Music & Arts.

Option 2: First Come, First Serve. If you simply just cannot afford it, we do have limited instruments available at DeLand MS. It is highly possible that students may have to share an instrument if there is a high demand for school instrument rentals. They will have different mouthpieces for sanitary reasons. The cost is $75 for the year and does not include the cost for any repairs. Damages to the instrument caused by your child are charged directly to you (as per the signed contract). Overall, we will have a better band experience if we can have students rent instruments outside of the school's old models. Some of them are old, smelly, and in poor working condition.

If you feel your instrument is not working properly, notify Mrs. Netterville. There are many repairs that are easily fixed in class and can save you a repair bill.

Please discuss any concerns with Mrs. Netterville.