2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

An overview of the lies, corruption, and disrespect of a corporation. 

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (www.2-10.com)  is known as THE leading home warranty company in the United States.  Offering their policy holders "piece of mind and satisfaction" for both newly constructed homes and resale homes, with various different warranties applicable to each section of the company.   While the intentions of the corporation remain speculative, it is a well known fact that their corporation has dishonored not only their product, but in fact, it's clients and it's employees.

An overview of the company:

  • HBW is a member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  You can find additional information on the company, including that within the last 36 months that 193 complaints have been filed.  Many of them have been closed by the BBB, as HBW more than likely documents any phone calls into the company.  This of course does not include the cancellations, disputes, or otherwise negative responses from clients directly to the company itself.
  • As of 2002, HBW was purchased by  Brera Capital (http://www.brera.com/about/whatwedo.html) this purchase fueled the greed of an investment firm by no longer allowing christmas bonuses, vacation property rental, and strict budget management for those located in the companies office.  However, sales agents would regularly reap the benefits of HBW's underpaid employees with catered lunches, free travel and expenses related to said travel. The same year, Home Buyers Warranty (or Brera) had laid nearly half of its Customer Service representatives off in it's Denver location in order to open a facility in Florida, where they could pay the employees less for the same amount of work.
  • In March of 2006, Home Buyers Warranty closed it's Customer Service office in Florida to establish a relationship with an Outsourcing Call Center located in Ohio.  Nearly all employees of HBW were now without a job in the Florida area.  This was essential to the budget of the company, as it provided an easy way to no longer offer benefits, overtime, or any other wages to all of the employees who were affected by this decision.
  • In October of 2006, the company was to move it's base of operations to a new facility located in the same state.  The move was to consolidate its employees, currently working in two buildings, into one.  This same month, however, the company decided to outsource more of its departments to the Outsourcing agent in Ohio, effectively eliminating the employment of nearly all who were in these departments.  Employees soon found that their employer was not merely consolidating the two offices into one, but eliminating over 100 employees nationwide in all offices associated with the company.

Business practices:

  • Calling the customer service line for the company will yield extensive hold times.  Nearly 40% of the calls are routed to other departments, mostly in other physical locations.  These calls are often transfered more than 4 times on an average to different departments each time, generally resulting in a transfer BACK TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE line.  The reason is believed to be that the Outsourcing company that takes the initial calls to the customer service line are paid by the call that they receive, and their employees  are not given proper conditions on how to process the calls that they receive.
  • Calls to renew the policy are generally routed to an accounting department, wherein are routed to a sales department. (read: 2 transfers or more, 3 departments or more).
  • The company does not actively support Spanish speaking clients.  As of 2002, 13.4% of the United States Population (accounted citizens, these don't include those who are of illegal status in the country, you know, the one that tends your front lawn and garden, or those that dig utility trenches).  HBW is in an industry where all ethnic backgrounds and languages can and do utilize their service.  However, the need for bi- or multi-lingual representatives is not present within the company's employment objectives.  You can view more on this subject at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_in_the_United_States
  • No bi-lingual products can be obtained from this company.  All warranties or other documentation are in English only.  No Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, or any other language is supported.
  • It is in HBW's best interest to deny, deny, deny.  Much like insurance companies, Home Buyers Warranty is offering protection on various items that will potentially cost the company a fortune compared to the revenue generated by their products. While their are terms and conditions, along with items and situations that are not covered by the company as agreed to by the contract that both the client and HBW have entred, HBW WILL find a way to deny a claim if they can.

Other interesting notes:

  • Different news outlets around the nation have reported on this company, none of them have been favorable in their descriptions of the company nor its  business practices.
  • The company 's headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado, with satellite offices in Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida.

Informational links on the company and industry:

Please keep in mind that Google is your friend, and that it can locate thousands of articles and web pages featuring 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty and their deception. 


Builders, Consumers, Brokers, Please seek your home warranty needs elsewhere.

Thank you,

The Laughing Man