About delabs

Who i am ?

I am an Electronics Product Design Engineer, I used to work in the R&D Areas, Designing Electronic Products. Then i had my own firm, manufacturing Instrumentation and Scientific Custom Equipment. 

Please Note - I am Not Available Offline or Locally for any purpose, Business or Personal. I only interact with people i know already. This is because i have limited time and energy, which is entirely devoted for my Web related work. Feel free to leave a message online, i shall certainly read them. Product Design Requests are always welcome.

The Content in these websites is an Archive of some of my Experience which i wish to share, I am also learning new things, which i publish here.

EE Reference Database Design Devices lists valuable Engineering Web Resources. These pages are a repository of my experience as a Product Designer and Manufacturer.

delabs maintains an Electronics Circuits Archive with some Technical Documents, many of these circuits were designed or developed by me. The intention to put it in the web is to enable Students, Hobbyists and Professionals to get more ideas on various aspects of electronics and circuit design. You will also find links to Companies, Service Manuals, Datasheets and Application Notes.

Anantha Narayan - San

delabs Technologies

Seebeck Thermocon - Industrial Process Control and Automation Systems.

Amps and Volts - Test and Measurement, Instrumentation Technologies.

Magpie Materials - Electronic Components and Engineering Materials.

555 Oscillator and Decade Counter

Important Note about delabs and dapj

My Creative Work, ideas and documents can be used for Product Design and Development by R&D Engineers, Hobbyists, Students and even firms for creating useful products. These cannot be used for reprint, replication or publishing online or offline.

G+ Profiles

+AnanthaNarayan - at - +delabsNet

Brief History of delabs

delabs stands for DACT Elektrotech Laboratories. This delabs idea was after i started using internet in the late Ninetys.

DACT Elektrotech was the name in which i designed and built custom test instruments.

See one here a 20 TeraOhm Meter. This was my own design when such a product was not made anywhere in the world at that time. It was in the Eighties.

DACT Elektrotech Laboratories - The Smoke and Smoulder.

Dact Apps - WebApps for an Engineer or Hobbyist