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U.D.O. - Mastercutor

 U.D.O. - one of the best power metal bands in this part of The Universe is releasing their new album "Mastercutor" on the 18th of May. As an old Accept fan, and later U.D.O. fan, I must say that I am totally amazed by this album! This is so far the best U.D.O. album, and by listening to it you can literally FEEL THE POWER. - I highly recommend it to all fans of the heavy music, as well as to the hard-rockers.

All respects to Udo Dirkschneider, a real metal icon.

dl.c.curses.curses - reached first milestone

[2007-04-24] D binding to CURSES has reached its first milestone. For this milestone planned things included binding all X/Open CURSES functions and common macro-definitions. The main problem was acs_map[] but I have finally fixed it.

Here is a screenshot demonstrating that so-called "alternate character set" characters, ACS_* macro-definitions and acs_map[] actually work!

(The source code for this demo-application is included in the tarball below, together with a Makefile which will help you build everything easily) 

So far I have binded core curses library, and panel library, and that is all that has been planed for the first few milestones, because other libraries are not part of X/Open standard specification.

If you have any comments, ideas, critics about this sub-project (because D binding to CURSES is part of a larger project called a "D-Library"), please join the #D channel on OFTC and talk to me directly. IRC URI is irc:// .

Update (2007-05-02): D binding to CURSES now has Tango support as well, thanks to Mr. Jari-Matti Mäkelä. Thanks Jari-Matti!

[Download: dcurses.tar.bz2]

 Windows package of Eternal Lands Client v1.3.3cvs

Ok, I've built ELC v1.3.3cvs with EYE_CANDY, SFX, NEW_WEATHER features included. It can be downloaded from my webpage on TMOK - . Please report any problems via mail to dejan.lekic(a) . Note: Please make copies of original ELC directory before You use my package. v1.10

What's new:

  • More effective use of the $mirror setting.
  • Uses nice during the building process.
  • Updated packages: GNU Binutils, WinAPI, MinGW32 Runtime and GDC (v0.23)

Basic use:




After this you'll have GCC with enabled C, C++ and D languages, which can target i686-pc-mingw32, in your /opt/mingw directory.

(EN) NCURSES binding for D

Yes, I am actively working on it last few days... Currently I am working on stuff in libncurses, but my intention is to have libmenu, libpanel and libforms functionality as well.

Screenshot follows:


HERE is the D source code for the application which produces above output.


(EN) Harmonic Waves

Recently a friend of mine pointed out to this good explanation of harmonic waves:

For engineers

(EN) mingw32-install v1.3 

Version 1.3 of BASH script is here! It installs Minimalist GNU for Windows (MinGW) (cross) compiler on Your Linux/UNIX box. Cross-compiler gives You ability to build executables for different platform, in this particular case for Windows (TM).

Script installs MinGW32 in /opt/mingw directory by default. If You prefer some other directory please change the 'prefix' variable.

The major news in this version is added support for the GNU D Compiler (GDC), which basically means support for the D programming language is enabled.


su -

cd /tmp




Now cross-compiler is installed and ready to be used.

Sample usage:

Here is an example of a simple programming session using cross-compiler to build Windows (TM) executable: 

[dejan@mrak tmp]$ cat proggy.cpp

#include <iostream>


using namespace std;


int main() {

  cout << "I am a Windows proggy!" << endl;

  return 0;


[dejan@mrak tmp]$ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/mingw/bin

[dejan@mrak tmp]$ i686-pc-mingw32-g++ -o proggy.exe proggy.cpp

[dejan@mrak tmp]$ wine proggy.exe 

I am a Windows proggy!


As You can see, it is pretty much easy and straightforward. Enjoy!


(SR) Yugo Mapa (Ulaz)

Izgleda SAVRSENO! Pogledajte samo kako ulaz izgleda - obozavam one nove zalosne vrbe! 

 (EN) install-dmd v1.1

New version of install-dmd BASH script can be used to install DigitalMars D Compiler both for the whole system, and for installtion in user home directory. It automatically detects whether it is system-wide installation (if root is running the script), or personal installation. Simple step-by-step howto:

cd /tmp 


chmod 755 install-dmd

./install-dmd 178

Among other things, install-dmd CAN:

  • Install DMD system-wide (every user would be able to use it), if executed by root.
  • Install DMD in users HOME, and setup .bashrc, if executed by !root.
  • Detect if package is downloaded or not (must be in the current directory), if it is not in the current directory, the script will download it.

Requirements: unzip, wget

(EN) DigitalMars D Compiler - Installation script (BASH)

/20061228/ OK folks, I have just uploaded my latest install-dmd BASH script which will help You install DMD (DigitalMars D compiler) on Your GNU/Linux box.

Here is what You should do (as root, for now, I will soon ad ability to install DMD in $HOME):

cd /tmp 


chmod 755 install-dmd


./install-dmd 178

Please note that number '178' in example above is the same as number in DMD zip package-file.

Current version of install-dmd, version 0.7 cannot obviously download zip package automaticaly. Version 1.0 will do this, and also be able to install DMD in $HOME, which is very important for those D programmers who do not have root access. If You have any suggestions/patches/critics please send them via e-mail.

(EN) Eternal Lands Bug? 

Recently I have noted small bug related to bones. I "armed" myself with a bone, and than decided to put it back to inventory, and was confused by seeing bones took TWO slots in my inventory! Screenshot is following: bones-bug.jpg .

(SR) Yugo mapa

23. Decembar: Factor se igra maksimalno - evo nove slike mape: TUNEL . Hvala Factor! :)

OK, evo jos nekih novih slika - yumapatm.jpg yumapatm1.jpg !

Okej,  Factor ponovo aktivno radi na Yugo mapi. Evo kako ista izgleda za sada. Danas smo razgovarali o jednoj izvrsnoj ideji, no da bi je ostvarili moracemo da konsultujemo Radu-a, jer ne znamo da li je stvar legalna ili ne. (SLIKA)





Deyan and Steki @ Regnum Online.






Currently working on

o D-Library Project: - FastCGI implementation in D.


o D-Library Project: dl.c.curses.panel - CURSES binding for D


o D-Library Project: module


o FLTK: New themes support.