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 Feature Links

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Scaredy Squirrel

Easter Egg Hop

Easter Games

Easter Bunny Hop - Be careful not to hit your head!

Spot the difference.

Christmas Games

Ornament Swap Game

Billy Bear's Merry Christmas

Snowflake Maker

Dance Mat Typing

Taking Measure


Make a litre (L)


How many millilitres (mL)? 

Word Cloud
Google Maps

Design your own playground

Build your own neighborhood


 Canada’s Treasure Trek


Easy: Measuring centimetres (no decimals)

Measurement Quiz

You Measure!


Measuring with half centimetres


Measuring centimetres with decimals


Animal Games

What Kind of Animal is This? Go to Backyard Animals, American Forest, or African Grassland Animals


Animal Books

Animal Moves

Arctic Foxes

Don't Be Scared of Bats

Frogs of the World

Hello Baby Panda


Barn Owl Pictures - click to make it bigger.

Backyard Barn Owls

Barn Owls For Kids  - The slideshow is amazing.



Dance Mat Typing

Alphabetical Order  Go to English and then Alphabetical Order

Little Explorers - use the alphabet line at the top of the page to search keywords

Starfall - Reading Practice, and sound combinations

Tumble Readables

 Rhyming Words

Alphabetical Order

Noun Verb Sorting Activity

Adding "-ing" - A spelling activitity (part 1)

Place Value 

Cyber Chase -  A Place Value Game

Building Numbers - Use tens and ones

Place Value Challenge

Mystery Picture - Number recognition

Number Recognition (using manipulatives, and regrouping.)



Tens Frames - Adding - do #3, and #4 -  15 of each.  Put up your hand when you are done.

Fact Families Practice

Addtion Mats - Practice adding with your place value blocks. 
Addition Online worksheet generator, marks the work as it's done, too!

Fruit Shoot - Can you find the answer as it zooms around? Do not choose "easy".

Pop-up Penguins - Feed the hungry penguins!

Balloon Pop - Can you pop the sums in order from least to greatest?

Match Up - Match the equations

Mahjong - match tiles, some are equations!

Addition  Using Manipulatives - make groups of ten, and lasso them with your mouse.

Darts! Addition Practice - Use a dart board to practice doubles and sums for addition facts and beyond.  Good Mental Math. Good for doubles

Adding With Regrouping - Remind yourself of the steps!

Additon Game - For Two Players

Additon Game - For One Player

Tower - practice your facts with a friend

Addition Practice - Independently practice your facts!

Addition Facts - use the last "game" to practice math facts

Krypto - a very challenging game to find a target number 

Adding numbers with a sum of  20

 Round, then Add


Pop Up - Practice subtraction facts, go to "Super" and Levels 4, or 5. 
Fruit Shoot Practice subtraction facts - Go to medium!
Mahjong  If the above two links aren't challenging enough, try this!

 Subtraction with regrouping - remind yourself of the steps!

 Subtraction in Action


Even and Odd Colouring (needs adult check, not self checking)

Pattern Puzzles

Adventure Sequencing - number sequences

Bird Patterns - copy the pattern from the singing birds.

Comparing Patterns (medium)

Colour Patterns (extending, medium)

Pattern Extension and Comparing Patterns (medium)

Repeat and Grow Patterns
(hard on third level)

Crack the Code - Pattern Extension (super hard)



Bobby Bears  Clothing Sort

Time Together - Play a time game with a friend
Set the time shown -this is an excellent site
Time - Practice setting the clock!
Tell the time - Get help from Kat.
Stop the Clock - how fast can you match the exact times?
Linear - How Long, Far, Around?

Medium - Centimeters and half

Hard - Centimeters and decimals

Perimeter Quizzes - Click on the red rectangle, and follow the directions.


Weigh and Measure, to Mail a Letter in the United Kingdom


Making Change - practice counting up from one amount, to another.

Practice Measuring, in Centimetres

Easy - Just Centimeters

Fraction Activities

Fraction Matching - identify and make fractions.
Fractions:  Read and do the activities.  If you are done, you can try Level 1 

Practice Your Fractions

Fraction Match

Pizza Party - how much pizza is left over!

Fishy Fractions: Fraction Name and Picture Match (0nly the first one works)

Here's on to try with older siblings, or your parents. :D - Fraction Mystery Picture




Making Arrays - the first number is the row (across) number, and the second number is the column (down) number.

Space Arrays -  Multiplication, using arrays
Stax - Amazing drill and practice - how fast can you get those bonuses.  Gets hard quickly!

Camel Times Tables - help Molly load her camel.  Good for beginners.

Jumping Game - Jump to the next number in a pattern sequence.   Helps with multiplication pattern counting.  Good for practicing odd number counting, as well as other patterns.

Making Arrays - the first number is the row (across) number, and the second number is the column (down) number.

Space Arrays -  Multiplication, using arrays
Stax - Amazing drill and practice - how fast can you get those bonuses.  Gets hard quickly!

Math Magician - Timed drills.


 Patty's Paint Factory - for when you know your facts.

Times Table - use the REAL Multiplication Table to finish this timed game.

Timed Facts - Choose the level, choose how much time you have.

Multiplication SOS - Factor Game of Blocking!

Math Facts Practice (do not print award, please)

*_Division Practice - Hard.  You need to know your facts!

Geometry Activities


Symmetry - match and complete a pattern.

Geometry Tic Tac Toe A Partner Activity

Polygon Concentration

Polygon Sort

Tangrams - interactive tangram site division5-grade23 - deirdreg
A Harder Tangram site
Cube Net:  Will it make a cube?


Problem Solving:  Zipper's Kennel Chaos



Math Fun Brain

Math Practice Activities - K-2

 Math Practice Activites 3 - 4




Canadian Animals   This has the animals we have been talking about in our unit on Saskatchewan: Ptarmigan, Arctic Foxes, coyote, prarie dog (or gopher, Richardson's Ground Squirrels), and so on.

The Solar System

Interactive Solar System - Travel through space!

Planet Facts - at Kids Astronomy.

The 9 Planets site

Starchild's The Planets and Dwarf Planets.

     and their great Interplanetary Tic Tac Toe game (you have to have read most of the site!)

How much do you know about the Solar System? - Win (virtual) trading cards for knowing your facts!


Zoom Science


Kid Rockhounds

 Jack Pines and here, here, here, and here

 Plants and Our Environment



Kids Web Japan

   Virtual Culture

 Map of Canada

Interactive Canada Map puzzles

Card Maker

 Sagwa Chinese New Year

Learn about the Zodiac

Another Zodiac Site


Web Weather for Kids

Windows to the Universe: Clouds

Weather Wiz Kids


Planets Card Template

Cyber Safety


Cool Math Games

Orisinal Games

Carrot Race (leash dogs to keep them from the rabbit)

Winter Bells (Run up into the sky, jumping from bell to bell)

Cats (follow the leader, with cats.)

The Bottom of the Sea (be careful how far you jump, when exploring under the sea)

Bubble Pop

Hockey Games Page  Grade 1 Resource - Letter Match