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Call by Phone (Only my cellphone in México city is available):

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To my cellphone: +52 1 55 4926 9478 (Telcel).

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To my cellphone: 045 55 4926 9478 (Telcel).

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To my cellphone: 044 55 4926 9478 (Telcel).

Other ways to contact me:

Send e-mail at: "degyves at google dot com". 

Skype account: "degyvesmontero" . Here, me at google.

MSN Messenger: "warezdevil at hotmail dot com" (not used now, please try Google chat).

If possible, please send an e-mail instead of the chat or Skype!

Professional Experience

  • 2002. At CEMEID as database developer.
  • 2002. On  CAT México creating a warehouse control system.
  • 2002. On Kuehne + Nagel México collaborating on the creation of another warehouses system.
  • 2003. I have also made my social service at the Research center in Computation of the National Polytechnical Institute on México collaborating with Ph.D. Adolfo Guzmán Arenas on distributed systems, inverted indices and ontologies. I have also made a new Clasitex, an automatic detector of concepts on a text file, using Java. 
  • 2004-2006. Work at SoftwarePro International creating BiblioDigital as project leader. BiblioDigital is a digital library, mostly similar as Verity/K2, created using Lucene, Tomcat, Clasitex, etc (mostly opensource tools). A paper was published about BiblioDigital at INEGI, also in Springer. Some licences of the program are being sold.
  • 2005. Collaboration on ESIME Azcapotzalco to set some ATutor and Moodle servers for e-learning. Also I gave there some training on how to use new tech as as a tool to the educational process to a group of ESIME academics.
  • 2005. Collaboration with the local Government of the Federal District's Civil Protection Department. To evaluate the costs of a wireless network and to create the draft of ATLAS-2, a program to coordinate the activities after a major disaster on the city (e.g. earthquakes). It is not the same as ATLAS-1, a map of risks on the city.
  • 2006. Schlumberger México and PEMEX. Working as  advisor on stochastic systems capable to predict investments based on the use of computer simulation.
  • 2006, august. I have made some wireless experiments measurig the fresnel zone using several kinds of antennas for the local government's department of ecology of Juchitán, Oaxaca, to check the cost of building a wireless internet zone on Juchitán, Oaxaca. 
  •  2006, october. Some collaboration on UTSH for e-learning purposes.
  • 2008-2010, elected member of the Council of Juchitan as Alderman of Finance.
  • 2011, Advisor on Schlumberger for computational algorithms.

    Technical Knowledge

Programming languages

Java, C, C++, Pascal, Python, Lisp, Prolog, Fortran Basic, COBOL, PL/SQL, Ruby.  R, Octave, wxMaxima and GNUPlot.

Java experience

Java EE 6 over GlassFish, Jboss Forge. Inverted indices. Interfaces with hardware and OpenGL programming with java. Some experience programming communication on Android with bluetooth devices.

Operating Systems

Solaris, Unix Santa Cruz, HP-UX, GNU and BSD *NIX, Windows NT family from 4.0 to XP Server. Mac OS X.


amanda, samba, iptables, cvs, cron, sendmail sftp, ssh, web servers, and most of the standard POSIX-compliant tools for UNIXes. MatLab, Maple, Octave, R.

  • Basic

Access, dbase and Fox Pro databases, plain text and xml databases.

  • Standard E-R databases.

Oracle 9i, PostgreSQL (from 7.4 to 9.0), MySQL (from 3.x to 5.x), Firebird, HSSQL,  COBOL, SQLite, SQL Server, SAP DB, Interbase, Informix.

  • OOP and OORM databases

OzoneDB,  Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2008 and PostgreSQL.

I have also made modifications on PostgreSQL to boost searches of qualitative values (similar as fuzzy sets but using qualitative values instead of numbers), e.g. Measuring the confusion of using a value instead of another (Is "dog" closer to "cat" or to "computer"? which is the value of this measure?). This kind of measure aids to make a computer to be able to take decisions closer to human knowledge.


  • COBAO "Pueblo Nuevo", Oaxaca. High School.
  • ESIQIE, IPN. Metallurgical Engineering. Just 1 year.
  • UPIICSA, IPN. Undergraduate on Informatics Science.

Artificial Intelligence and Smart searches

I have created a new Clasitex, also made contributions on using ontologies for web searches, Also developed a smart web crawler (actually used on BiblioDigital). Made researchs on measuring of qualitative values on databases.

Research and publications

 Current interests

Maybe are you interested on any kind of collaboration (work, social service, grant, publication, etc)? Please consider first the following interesting areas where I am currently working:

  • To solve problems related on projections of images on a planetarium using standard components (a common pc + 5 simple PC projectors). See Stellarium and Xinerama.
  • To measure the popularity of persons using newspapers on the web.
  • To solve problems related to text summarization. See some related researches at google scholar.
  • OpenBSD, FreeBSD, *BSD stuff.

  • Algorithms to calculate the production of oil fields.
  • Stochastic simulation of projects portfolio valuation.
  • Real options valuation.

  • Generate an oil field analysis using seismic data.
  • Ultrasound and infrasound processing.

One afternoon with the guys of Generación magazine. I don't remember the author of the paintings.

The poet gaze at the gates of hell in the Soumaya museum. Supposedly a replica of the original.

Vision quest