Vehicle monitoring via image processing

Artificial vision or computer-based vision is one of the sub-fields of artificial intelligence that consists of the use of images or video to detect, classify and track objects or events in order to perform the analysis of a real-world scene. In recent years, this discipline has shown a wide variety of applications in scientific, industrial and security environments, among others. Particularly, the application in security has been the motivation of this research to develop an automatic license plate recognition system, focused on vehicle monitoring and control. Commercially speaking, such systems are known as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and show a relatively high efficiency. However, the optimal location of vehicle registration in an image or video scene under uncontrolled external conditions, as well as the design of efficient character recognition systems, is still an open research topic.

                                                                                                                     figure 1: applied methodology


                                                                                                                     figure 2: graphic interface.

we develop an interactive interface for the recognition of vehicle license plates on images, you can download the source code in matlab in the attached files.

Jesús leonardo hormaza chamorro,
21 jun. 2019 5:42
Jesús leonardo hormaza chamorro,
3 ago. 2019 12:48