Interactive Interface for Data-Vis

Jose Alejandro Salazar Castro and Yesid Camilo Rosas Narvaez, Universidad de Nariño, San Juan de Pasto - Colombia, 2015

The separately use of data mining methods and data visualization techniques requires mandatorily experts for result interpretation. That fact represents a drawback entailing an increase in processing time, computational load and human work for reaching the main goal for data processing - to infer meaningful information about the analyzed data. The integration of data mining methods and information visualization techniques is a latent need, despite there are tools attempting to carry out this task, the design of a visual analysis system that properly fulfills the User's needs and requirements is still an open issue. One way to make an intelligible visualization of big data volumes is reducing its dimension to obtain human-readily-interpretable data representations.

In this thesis, we propose the implementation of a user-friendly interface allowing for an interaction with the results of data representation by doing a mixture of dimension reduction methods. To this end, we propose a model that performs such a mixture through a geometric approach, whereby a user –no necessarily expert- can intuitively and dynamically manipulate the visual representation of the data using the parameters of a geometric shape.

Figure 1. Dimensionality Reduction of 3D to 2D 




  • Interactive interface for efficient data visualization via a geometric approach.
        The Twentieth Symposium on Signal Processing, Images and Computer Vision, STSIVA-2015 
         J. A. Salazar-Castro, Y. C. Rosas-Narváez, A. D. Pantoja, Juan C. Alvarado-Pérez, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez,

          See abstract.        See full paper.

  • Interactive data visualization using dimensionality reduction: A mathematical geometric approach.
          See abstract.        See full paper.


Figure 2. Interactive interface for Data Vis

We designed a novel interface for data visualization via a geometric approach (See figure 2), if you want furthermore information, do not hesitate to e-mail us your queries.

From the following link you can download some matlab scripts:

Tutorial Video

User manual

The user manual can be downloaded from the following link:

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