Digitalization of Objects from Images and Depth Data

Cristhian David Ruales Mora and Johana Elizabeth Vela Rojas, Universidad de Nariño, San Juan de Pasto - Colombia, 2019

The digitization of objects is the process by which an object in a computational environment is depicted, through information acquisition methods capturing and reconstructing physical characteristics from the original objects. There are multiple three-dimensional reconstruction techniques, which can be applied by means of depth measurement devices, such as: laser sensors, and digital cameras, among others. Among the most attractive and widely used techniques to obtain a digital object are the digital images, since their acquisition procedure are non-expensive. Notwithstanding, the image analysis entails issues in terms of the demand of high computational resources and long execution times to produce three-dimensional structures. A more accurate reconstruction technique is the so-called laser scanning, which presents better detail in digital reproduction, but very often requires the use of expensive equipment for reaching optimal results, and may have limitations regarding the size of the objects to be reconstructed.

The digital world is constantly expanding, digitalization systems allow it to be varied and pleasing to the eye, this expansion drives the investigation of new digitalization techniques, which in turn promote the development of efficient algorithms to process information, it is not enough Acquiring Data, it is necessary to process them, give them meaning and form.

In this work, we propose to create an architecture and simulation interface for the digitalization of objects, which will connect depth measurement methods and images to weigh the faults that they present separately. Looking for efficiency in the reconstruction and fidelity in the details of the objects, in order to obtain high quality digital copies that conserve the visual details of original.

Figure 1. 'render' imagen and the point cloud

In Figure 1 we can see the image of the object 'reindeer' in the position of 0 degrees and its corresponding laser scan. These elements are a representation of the database that is constituted for this degree work, the database can be downloaded from: Database LASIM.