Chief George Piersall


George Piersall graduated the Clark State Police Academy in 1995.  He was then appointed by the Fletcher Police Department.  He was promoted to rank of Sergeant and Lieutenant.  Piersall also served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.  In 2007 Piersall was hired by the village of DeGraff as a training Sergeant.  In 2008 Piersall was appointed police chief.  Piersall implemented higher standards for hiring police officers.  He increased training standards by having all officers trained at the Montgomery County Regional Training Center.  These actions reduced crime, restored public trust and improved relationships with neighboring law enforcement agencies.


Piersall has started several community policing programs in the village.  National Child Safety, Bike Rodeos, Citizens Police Academy and more.  National Child Safety and the police department are active in the Riverside Schools.  The police department and National Child Safety Council conduct an annual safety show {pictured below}

The police department is part time and has a small budget. It is cost effective and successful due to a learn while you serve concept.  Hire officer’s right out of the academy allow them to gain valuable experience and serve the public in return.  This concept has worked since 2008 and continues today.  DeGraff is one of the few departments in the area that still offers academy graduates a commission.


Chief Piersall welcomes any questions or comments. You can contact him via e-mail or 937-585-4188.