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PHYSCALE: Multi-physics and multi-scale coupling

sub-project 'AGREMEL': Scale aggregation for transport and mixing processes



Project information:


Summary of the project:

The goal of the ‘PHYSCALE’ project is to foster major breakthroughs in the complementary fields of multi-physics coupling and multi-scale coupling. 

This project involves two sub-projects: 
  • the COFFECI sub-project (fluid/fluid coupling between unstationary codes). The goal of COFFECI (CERFACS-ONERA) is to develop new concepts of multi-physics coupling and to implement them in the framework of the fluid-fluid coupling between unstationary codes; the target application will be gas turbines.
  • the AGREMEL project (scale aggregation for transport and mixing processes).  The AGREMEL project (IMT-IMFT) targets the design and implementation oof multi-scale methods for the modeling of the effects of roughness on a flow in view of urban flow or flow over vegetation or more generally flows in complex domains.
Additionally to these two projects, animation, training and foreign expert invitation actions will ensure the project visibility, the dissemination of results and the participation of a large scientific community ranging from the aeronautics and spatial sectors to environmental and universe sciences.

The team is involved in the 'PHYSCALE' project and the 'AGREMEL' sub-project. 

Description of the work performed during the project

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