Hello and welcome to Chickenboot.net,
Here you can hear some of the best examples of the "Chickenboot" school of Jazz fusion.  -CHICKENBOOT
To begin you must create a light ball:

Part 1: 11/25/97 This is Light Ball Jam.
Joe, Jack, Tim, Mike, Rogan, Priar.
Engineered By Nick M. and Scott B.
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-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
This was originally a Holophonic Sound Demonstration.
Joe and Tim had been doing a lot of research at Pattee
and on the Intrenet. Proto Deg I Cank Technology set up:
Web Address: www.micro.com
We were working on Deg I Cank 3-d sound pretty hard core.
This was when a lot of our conceptual models realy started
coming together for us.
Chicken Boot:
1. Backward Slide
>Banana Nut Bread>
2. Hats off for Heather
3. Blue Funk
4. Thanksgiving/bunk/cut
5. Ducano March
6. Waterpots, Bottles, Phone, Heating Ducts
Crazy Pyschadelic Part : Ghost Says my Name One Time...

Part 2 : 9/17/98

Hello and welcome to Chicken Boot 9/17/98 
Staring: Ben, Matt, Mike, Mike, Tim, Joe and Jack!
You'll Love It!
copyright 1998 Deg I Cank Records
-Part 1