Welcome to my projects site

'm Jon Wilson,  I like to design, develop software, make electronic things and most recently I have been building arcade machines. I have a lot of ideas for projects, some are being developed,  some are just noted.

This site helps me to organise that stuff and plan what I do in my spare time (which I don't seem to get much of).

The most exciting project at the moment is definitely the KADE Encoder.
I recommend that you check that out straight away!

Thanks for visiting.

KADE - Arcade Encoder

KADE is an open source arcade interface which has been designed to make it easy to connect arcade controls to your favourite consoles and computers. 

This is achieved using a ground breaking combination of open source firmware, open hardware, and a free software loader.

Our KickStarter project was a real success and we were amazed and overwhelmed by the level of support we recieved, it is truly inspiring to know that the community is backing KADE and we are really proud of the device we have created. This KADE project is definitely on the right track.

Thanks to everyone who backed us.
Video Guide to Building an Xbox Powered Arcade

ve built lots of my own bar top arcade cabinets. It's a very addictive hobby. 
Now I am working on a video guide to help others to build their own arcade cabinets that are powered using an original Xbox console.

Check out part 1 of the video guide.

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