Refrigerator for dorm room : Kitchen refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator For Dorm Room

refrigerator for dorm room
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    dorm room
  • dormitory: a large sleeping room containing several beds
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Magnets for the College-bound!
Magnets for the College-bound!
These are vintage slide frame magnets for the student preparing to live in a tiny little room with one or two other collegians and share a tiny little micro-fridge which will hold six-packs of...soda. Here's a little something to adorn that microscopic refrigerator...and add a pop of fun to their dorm room! Dorm Sweet Dorm is just plain fun, but the other one...Call Your Mother! is a gentle reminder to use their cell phone for more than just texting! This set is the key to future communication with your child...more or less.
Bonus room/upstairs kitchenette
Bonus room/upstairs kitchenette
Upstairs bonus room. Previously duplexed, this was the upstairs kitchenette. It currently has a dorm-style refrigerator and wet bar-sized sink, with a heavy duty outlet for a stove. This photo was taken from the door to the large walk-in closet, which, if re-duplexed, could be a pantry.

refrigerator for dorm room