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Plate Freezer For Sale

plate freezer for sale
    for sale
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Professor's Glorious Kitchen, August, 1970.
Professor's Glorious Kitchen, August, 1970.
I'm actually sitting in the dining room here, but this photo shows the kitchen of a professor friend of ours which was completely mind-boggling for the year 1970. You can't tell from the photo, but behind that phone there is BOTH a full-scale refrigerator AND a full-scale freezer (chock full of the finest filet mignon, natch). The blob at the lower right is a soup tureen in Wedgewood's Green Leaf pattern, Queen's Shape, probably dating from the 1950s. I'm sitting two feet away from it as I type this, since we got it for $10 or $20 at his estate sale. It's not in the best shape or anything. (Beautiful, beautiful furniture and art works went for nothing at that auction. A wing chair covered in the most luscious corduroy-cut blue on white striped velvet for $25-$75. An important chinese scroll for maybe $100. His relatives apparently managed to retain some very fine antiques--the 18th century American Chippendale Philadelphia highboy in the living room, the 17th-century Dutch chest of drawers that's sitting opposite me between two windows as I sit here). The counter with the dish at the middle right is actually part of a whole mass of cabinetry specially built with giant drawers to contain the huge Meissen porcelain dinner service that the professor inherited. I imagine it might all have been merely Victorian Meissen (in an 18th-century style?), but, still, I don't own any Meissen, and I suppose some is better than none. I broke one of the plates. Sorry! There were so many gadgets and gizmos and things in that kitchen--a pasta maker, for crying out loud, a big jar of full of foreign coins from the professor's many travels, a couple of Italian apothecary jars (tourist ware from the 1950s, actually), etc., etc. No normal person had the sort of gizmos this fellow had in 1970--but he was a 'gourmet.' As far as I can tell, I'm eating a fudgecicle here. I'm a gourmet, too. (But those lucky, lucky people in England get to eat Cornettos!!)
Our tour of the Buderim Ginger Factory concluded with a promised tastings plate. Sadly, the exciting journey into the world of ginger flavours turned out to be the mean little collection shown above. The guide/sales lady insisted on referring to each of the four measly, uninspired portions on the plate as "courses in our tastings menu" and did a very hard sell on the prepacked products like ginger marmalade and syrup that we could buy in the gift store on the way out. For anyone familiar with Australian television, picture Moira's sales pitch on Good Morning Australia crossed with Kath and Kim and you'll get the general picture. Disappointing though it was, it was also pretty funny.

plate freezer for sale