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Handi Vac Vacuum Freezer Bags

handi vac vacuum freezer bags
    freezer bags
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handi vac vacuum freezer bags - Debbie Meyer
Debbie Meyer / Reynolds Handi Vac 20 Count Quart Bags
Debbie Meyer / Reynolds Handi Vac 20 Count Quart Bags
Seal in freshness and preserve the flavor of your food with the Debbie Meyer GeniusVac BagsTM Set of (20) 1-Quart Storage Bags for use with Debbie MeyerTM/Reynolds Handi-VacĀ® food-sealing system (sold separately). These convenient vacuum-seal bags work well for portion control and for freezing food to reheat at a later date. Debbie Meyer GeniusVac BagsTM 1-Quart Storage Bags Features: For use with Debbie MeyerTM/Reynolds Handi-VacĀ® food-sealing system (sold separately) Vacuum food-sealing system - removes and locks out air, seals in freshness and preserves the flavor of frozen food; helps prevent freezer burn Zip closure and vacuum-seal air valve - remove the food you want and reseal with the Debbie Meyer/Reynolds Handi-Vac food-sealing system (sold separately) Save money - buy food in bulk, use what you need and freeze the rest Save space - bags conform to the shape of your food Great for meal planning - prepare meals in advance, freeze and defrost when needed; great for portion control and diets; help reduce food waste Work well for school lunches, camping, boating or traveling Measure approx. 7-1/2"L x 8"W each Made of low-density, food-grade polyethylene Made in USA Note: Make sure that no food is trapped in the tongue-and-groove seal when sealing the bags. While remaining portions can be resealed in the GeniusVac Bags until gone, these bags are not reusable.

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I Am Genius
I Am Genius
OK, so I'm currently applying estrogen replacement transdermally via the Vivelle Dot patch, at a dosage that equals 1.5 of these patches. Only once you open the patch, you're supposed to use it right away...and the remaining half was degrading before I could use it 3.5 days later. So finally the genius lightbulb clicked on, and I used my Reynolds Handi-Vac ($9 at Wal-Mart, plus the special baggies, which cost the same as regular freezer-bags) to vacuum-seal the opened package. So far, this has worked great, with the half-patch remaining pristine until I need it!
Freezer Bag Ice Cream!
Freezer Bag Ice Cream!
Mix in a small ziplock bag: 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1 tablespoon sugar Drop that small bag into a gallon sized freezer bag containing: 4 cups crushed ice 4 tablespoons salt Mush it all up until... you know... ice cream.

handi vac vacuum freezer bags