Legal Seminars

** Class Announcement! We will be holding two legal seminars on October 23, 2010. The first session will be at 10:00 am, and the second at 2:00 pm. Email me at to reserve a spot in either session.**
Seminars are held at the Marriott Courtyard near the NRA Range. Location information is available here.

Cost is $75, $65 for members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL). Please contact me to reserve a spot; this class will be limited to 20 people. Email me for reservations and billing information. Bring pen and paper to take notes.
We will also be offering 2.5 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for Virginia-licensed attorneys. The fee is $125. Sorry, no ethics hours.

For the cost of 200 rounds of .45 ACP (if you can find it) you will get a much deeper understanding of self-defense in the Commonwealth of Virginia from an attorney. Plenty of shooters are willing to invest in their shooting skills but not many invest in their understanding of the legal boundaries of self-defense.

The seminar covers the following topics:
  • General legal guidelines for the use of force
  • Justification versus Excuse
  • Self-defense
  • Virginia's lack of a "castle doctrine" - and why it (mostly) doesn't matter
  • Defense of Others
  • Defense of Property
  • Purchase and possession of arms in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • What is "open carry" and what is "concealed carry" in Virginia? Not quite what you think.
  • Virginia Knife Law (a surprisingly active area of the law)
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement Officers
  • Travelling armed: planes, trains, and automobiles
  • What to do when in other jurisdictions: a practical "travelling" mode for reciprocal states
The travelling part is not just one subject; it is covered throughout the brief so that students have an idea how to deal with the laws governing self-defense in other states. The important part is knowing how they generally differ from Virginia (and they differ a lot).
A legal seminar is not a concealed handgun course - it is a legal class on the statutes and case law governing the open or concealed carry of a handgun. This DOES NOT meet the Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) requirements.  Rather, this is intended for people who already have a CHP but are not versed in the law. If you received your CHP after a basic concealed handgun course with no discussion of the legal implications of using a handgun in self-defense, this is for you.
Disclaimer: The information provided in the seminar is not intended as individualized legal advice. I am not your lawyer. You are not my client. Participation in this seminar is expressly intended NOT to create an attorney-client relationship. Students will sign a waiver and agree to hold harmless Defensive Force Instructors, LLC before class starts.
The seminar costs $75 and we must have a class size of no less than six (6) students. Plan on three hours of in-depth instruction.
Throughout the class, students will be taught the law in the Commonwealth of Virginia and what other states typically do. While it is impossible to know the laws of every state that you enter, it is essential that armed travellers have a sense of how different the laws of Virginia are from most other states.