Playing It Safe

from the now defunct "Playing It Safe" column on the Manila Times


The article/s you are about to read are not meant to be the one-all-say-all of self defense.  All martial arts and self defense practitioners have their own ways and means on how to handle self defense situations.

The author/s will not be held liable for any actions taken by the reader/s of this article and will not be held liable for any accidents or lawsuits that may arise from using the techniques illustrated in this article.

 The techniques illustrated in this article may be dangerous, the reader/s must exercise caution when practicing or executing these techniques.



 CBCM - Defense Specialists

Manila, Philippines

The Team

 Jae Ranjo, Gam Sabio, Rica Serapio, Lara De Ubago-Sia,

Richard Ando, Din Tan and Rhoa Dequiña


 Special thanks to:

Daniel “Mumbakki” Foronda (Pekiti Tirsia), Master Tony Vasquez (Dulac),

Sir Henry Yap-Kobayashi (Yaw-Yan), Sir Ian Ampongan (TaeKwonDo), and Master Limuel “Maning” Bonsa (Arnis Rapado)


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